Putin: Syria Attack Would be ‘Utter Nonsense’

Vladimir Putin (www.kremlin.ru)


Russia’s President Putin has been commenting about the matter in Syria and the USA’s suggested response:

Putin: Syria Attack Would be ‘Utter Nonsense’

August 31, 2013

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged world powers to exercise restraint concerning Syria as U.S. President Barack Obama mulls a possible military response to an alleged chemical weapons attack.

Putin said Saturday that any foreign military intervention in Syria would be “utter nonsense” because Syrian government forces are “advancing” against rebels.

He also urged the U.S. to allow the U.N. chemical weapons team that wrapped up its work in Damascus and left Syria on Saturday to present its findings.

“As for the position of our American colleagues and friends who state that the government forces have used weapons of mass destruction, in this case used chemical weapons, and say that they have evidence – let them present them to the U.N. inspectors and the U.N. Security Council,” he said.  http://www.voanews.com/content/putin-syria-attack-would-be-utter-nonsense/1740789.html

Russia’s Vladimir Putin challenges US on Syria claims

August 31, 2013

Russian President Vladimir Putin has challenged the US to present to the UN evidence that Syria attacked rebels with chemical weapons near Damascus.

Mr Putin said it would be “utter nonsense” for Syria’s government to provoke opponents with such attacks.

US President Barack Obama says he is considering military action against Syria after intelligence reports that 1,429 people were killed on 21 August…

Syria said the US claim was “full of lies”, blaming rebels for the attacks…

Speaking to journalists in the Russian far-eastern city of Vladivostok, Mr Putin urged Mr Obama – as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate – to think about future victims in Syria before using force.

He said it was ridiculous to suggest the Syrian government was to blame for the attack.

“Syrian government troops are on the offensive and have surrounded the opposition in several regions,” he said.

“In these conditions, to give a trump card to those who are calling for a military intervention is utter nonsense.”

“So I’m convinced that is nothing more than a provocation by those who want to drag other countries into the Syrian conflict.”

He said that the US failure to present evidence to the international community was “simply disrespectful”.

“If there is evidence it should be shown. If it is not shown, then there isn’t any,” he said.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-23911833

Russia’s President has made a variety of statements that the USA would prefer he not make.  Furthermore, his position against the homosexual agenda of the Obama Administration (see Russia’s Putin blasts West on Syria and Western media disapproves of his position on homosexuality) and granting Edward Snowden asylum has distanced himself from Washington (Obama goes on Leno and supposedly cancels meeting with Russia’s Putin because of Snowden asylum).

Syria is an ally of Russia and has been the location of Russia’s only warm weather naval base (and Russia has been trying to make other arrangements).  Russia would prefer to back Syria, but it will not back Syria to the point that it is perceived to be against Russia’s strategic interests.  Presuming that the USA does, in fact, launch some type of attack (which it has indicated that it will do), Vladimir Putin will likely see that as increased justification for his plans to strengthen and expand Russia’s military as well as its regional influence.

The Bible teaches that a confederation of powers apparently led by Russia will form.   Vladimir Putin has been a major leader calling for that type of Eurasian Union (see The Eurasian Union, the Kings of the East, and Bible Prophecy also a related video would be Is The Eurasian Union Rising?).

However, according to Bible prophecy, Russia is not the one that will lead an attack against the USA, that would be Europe (watch the video Can You Prove that the Beast to Come is European?).  So, while Vladimir Putin may complain, it is not likely that he intends a major military conflict with the USA over Syria.

There are many in the USA and places other than Russia that have concerns about Syria.  Notice also the following:

Amid Skepticism, White House Tries to Shore Up Support

August 31, 2013

The White House on Saturday moved to shore up domestic and international support for a possible military strike against the Syrian government in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack on its own people, as United Nations inspectors left Syria…

Privately, some American officials acknowledged mistakes over the past week in their buildup for a strike, leading British lawmakers to reject participation on Thursday. It is unclear when Mr. Obama realized that the British vote would go against him, but it was not until Friday afternoon that the White House released what it said was evidence of chemical weapons use by the Assad forces — nearly 24 hours after Parliament had voted rather than beforehand, when it might have been used to build a coalition against Mr. Assad.

Deprived of the support of Britain, America’s most stalwart wartime ally, the Obama administration scrambled behind the scenes to build international support elsewhere for a strike that might begin as early as this weekend.  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/01/world/middleeast/syria.html

Many are skeptical of Washington’s take on the chemical weapons matter.  Barack Obama has called for the ouster of Syria’s President Assad in the past (Obama Administration: Assad will not be part of Syria’s government), and many see the chemical weapons matter as an excuse for action that could lead to that.

The Bible itelf teaches that Syria’s capital Damascus will be destroyed (Isaiah 17:1).  Thus, it would appear that steps being taken by the USA, Russia, Syria, Iran (e.g. Iran threatens to burn down Israel if USA attacks Syria), Israel, and others will somehow lead to that outcome.

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