Pope Francis replaces ‘anti-Fatima’ Cardinal Bertone

Pope Francis (Source: presidencia.gov.ar)


Pope Francis made some changes in Vatican City:

August 31, 2013

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Saturday made the most significant appointment of his pontificate so far, naming a longtime diplomat as his secretary of state, Vatican prime minister and chief aide — a role often called the “deputy pope.”

The new secretary of state, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, will succeed Cardinal Tarcisco Bertone, who was widely criticized as failing to prevent ethical and financial scandals that marred the eight-year reign of Pope Benedict XVI, who resigned in February…

Cardinal Bertone, 79, who was secretary of state for nearly all of Benedict’s pontificate, was criticized as not keeping a close enough watch on the Curia, some of whose members have been accused of corruption and cronyism. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/01/world/europe/pope-fills-key-vatican-post.html?_r=0

August 31, 2013

Now, after nearly six months in office, Pope Francis has set in motion a timetable for Vatican administrative reform.

The retirement of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the appointee of former Pope Benedict seven years ago, and his substitution by a much younger and more experienced Vatican diplomat who is also an accomplished linguist, is just the first stage in an ambitious plan drawn up by Pope Francis to bring the slow-moving papal court into the world of the 21st Century…

The new secretary of state will take over his job in mid October – after Pope Francis has chaired an inaugural meeting on 1 October of a council of eight cardinals from around the world whom he has appointed to advise him on Church policy.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-23913610

While Cardinal Bertone is getting up in years and has had issues, the fact that Francis is such a Marian pontiff and follower of Fatima meant, to me at least, that Cardinal Bertone would have to go.

Various ones at the Fatima Center have long criticized him and frequently have suggested that he is a liar. Notice one such direct accusation from Catholic writer and attorney Christopher Ferrara:

Either Sister Lúcia…was a serial liar…or it is Bertone who has misled us. (Ferrara CA. Fatima’s False Friends. The Fatima Crusader, 99, Summer 2011, p. 54)

While I will not accuse Cardinal Bertone of directly lying in this post, I will state that related to facts surrounding Fatima, the late Sister Lúcia (one of three children who claimed to see the ‘Lady of Fatima’ in 1917) have trouble with a lot of facts and she did lie about many things.

One of the things that the Fatimists did not like about Cardinal Bertone was his indication that the full “third secret” of Fatima had been released.  One odd thing that Cardinal Bertone wrote was the following:

The decision of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to make public the third part of the “secret” of Fatima brings to an end a period of history marked by tragic human lust for power and evil, yet pervaded by the merciful love of God and the watchful care of the Mother of Jesus and of the Church. (Bertone T, Cardinal, CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH.  THE MESSAGE OF FATIMA, INTRODUCTION http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_20000626_message-fatima_en.html viewed 05/05/2011)

Some of the above was odd of Cardinal Bertone to write as humans still are in a period marked by lust for power and evil. This did not end in the year 2000.

Concerning whether other parts of the third secret exist, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone, in 2008, published:

There is no “first document”…we have the word, better, the official confirmation, of Sister Lúcia…

”Yes, this is the Third Secret and I never wrote any other.”

…The…prophecy is no longer open to the future, but refers to something in the past. (Bertone T Cardinal, with De Carli, Guiseppe.  The Last Secret of Fatima.  Doubleday, 2008, pp. 64,65)

So, Cardinal Bertone’s position seemed to be that Lúcia confirmed that the letter represents the entire third secret, there is nothing more to it, and it has been fulfilled.  Yet, many authors who have looked into this matter have concluded otherwise (and even Cardinal Bertone seemed to have changed his statement in 2011).

Well, that being said, Cardinal Bertone’s Vatican influence is in the process of being reduced.

Pope Francis is a big promoter of Fatima and even had his pontificate consecrated to the Lady of Fatima (Pope Francis’ pontificate consecrated to ‘Lady of Fatima’).  He has also taken more earlier Marian steps than any recent pontiff.

Today, I received a press release from the Fatima Center that had the following definition about Mariology:

Mariology — that aspect of Catholic theology that focuses on Our Lady’s place in the plan of salvation. (Father Karl Stehlin to Speak at “FATIMA: THE PATH TO PEACE!” CONFERENCE. Fatima Center Press Release, August 31, 2013)

Obviously, from a biblical perspective, this is all wrong.  Yet, the Fatima Center and Pope Francis are pushing a Marian agenda.  Although Pope Francis sometimes mentions Jesus, his version of ‘Mary’ is a major focus of his.

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