Russian Patriarch Supports Putin

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill


While many in the West have noticed that Russia’s Vladimir Putin is having political problems, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church has given him an extremely high endorsement:

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has called the 12 years of Vladimir Putin’s rule a “miracle of God” and criticised his opponents, at a gathering where religious leaders heaped praise on the prime minister. Putin wants support from spiritual figures for his campaign to win his third term in the Kremlin in a March 4 election…Patriarch Kirill, a bearded cleric seen as a modernising figure in the Russian church, the largest in Orthodox Christianity…Kirill’s speech was echoed by leaders of other faiths.

Whether he regains the Russian presidency or not, Vladimir Putin has repeatedly called for the formation of a Eurasian union (see TW: The Eurasian Union is Coming and Russia Wants It, Russia’s Putin Again Calls for a Eurasian Union and TW on Eurasian Union) that seems to be consistent with a variety of biblical prophecies.

And such a union will be formed, with or without him.

If Vladimir Putin does, in fact, regain the Russian presidency, he is not likely to forget the support he has gotten from Patriarch Kirill.  Perhaps I should mention that although I believe that the Russian Orthodox, for a time, will cooperate highly closely with the Church of Rome, ultimately the Russian Orthodox will end up supporting the coming Eurasian union to the detriment to the powers that will in the end be in Europe.

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