COGWA reports $1.3 million in cash and getting an office


In its announcement dated 02/09/12, COGWA has the following from its President Jim Franks:

On Jan. 1, 2011, we had only a week of existence and approximately $135,000 in the bank. On Jan. 1, 2012, after the completion of our first fiscal year, we showed an unrestricted cash balance of $1.3 million. Yes, indeed, it was a remarkable year!…

In addition to the good news on the financial front, we have now concluded the lengthy process of locating an office. I am happy to announce the location of our new headquarters office in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We will be leasing an office suite consisting of 5,590 square feet of space on the first floor of the building located at 1301 Central Expressway South, Allen, Texas. Allen is a suburb of Dallas and is located just a few miles north of the city along the Central Expressway (also U.S. Highway 75). The name of the building complex is “The Office Campus at Allen,” and it is in a beautiful setting with easy access to the freeway…

While the location decision was left to the administration, I wanted to make sure everyone agreed with the final selection. Joel Meeker, Leon Walker, Larry Salyer, David Baker, Fort Worth pastor Britton Taylor and I were involved in this review. Jason Lovelady and Clyde Kilough were not present for this final review, but both had seen the properties on a previous trip. Dallas pastor Doug Horchak was out of the country but had also seen the properties at an earlier time. At the end of the day, all present agreed that the Allen property was superior to the others and offered everything we desired at an affordable price (below our budget)…

I hope you are as encouraged as I am by our progress

Officially, COGWA formed in December 2010. Its main three accomplishments since that time seem to have been:

  1. Getting much of the paid US based ministry of the United Church of God to leave and support it.
  2. Accumulating over one million dollars.
  3. Not falling into the type of apostasy that happened in the Tkach WCG/GCI.

Although COGWA has claimed that public gospel proclamation was to be its top priority, it still has not been particularly effective with that. And since the internet is the vehicle it said it would use, I will again comment that its internet effectiveness according to independent assessments like Alexa this morning, is substantially less than the member website known as, though it has made some progress in that area. I do not believe that COGWA has displayed the type of Philadelphia-era fruits that a Philadelphian Church of God would have demonstrated by this time.

Jim Franks, though alluding to the internet, did not mention the term “gospel” nor using any of the $1.3 million of unrestricted use money for public proclamation–though I believe that COGWA will spend some money in that area.

Those in COGWA who hope to be Philadelphian should consider its fruits and real priorities.

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