Obama Meets Russian Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill


US President Barack Obama met with Pope Benedict recently, now he has also met with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill:

Obama, in Russia, praises democracy, blasts graft

MOSCOW (Reuters) – President Barack Obama appealed to the Russian people on Tuesday to join the United States in overcoming past differences and building a prosperous democratic future free of corruption and the threat of nuclear war…Opinion polls show a majority of Russians mistrust the United States and believe it abuses its power.NO OBAMAMANIA HERE

“We are maybe the one country in the world where there is no Obamamania,” Sergei Markov, a parliamentary deputy from the ruling United Russia party, told Reuters.

“For us he is not president of the world but the president of the United States of America.”

Later, at a summit with business leaders, Obama emphasized that a “reset” in prickly Russia-U.S. relations — the main aim of his trip — needed to involve many more people than himself and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev…

Obama tried to mend fences with Russia’s most powerful politician, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, during a breakfast meeting at Putin’s forest dacha which lasted around two hours.

The U.S. president had upset Putin before traveling to Moscow by describing him in an interview as a man with one foot planted in the old ways of doing things. But he went out of his way on Tuesday to praise Putin’s “extraordinary work.”

Putin, a former KGB spy who was president between 2000 and 2008 before handing over the Kremlin job to his hand-picked successor Medvedev, looked uncomfortable before the meeting but both sides said afterwards that it had gone well.

A senior U.S. administration official said Putin and Obama had a “very interesting and open discussion” which “formed the basis of a good relation upon which they can build,” though they had disagreed on some issues…

Obama also met representatives of civil society in Russia, including the leader of the powerful Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill. http://www.ethiopianreview.com/articles/16622

About 80% of Russians are baptized Orthodox (see 80% of Russians Baptized Orthodox), but only about 10% actually practice the Russian Orthodox faith.

President Obama and Patriarch Kirill should not really have a significant reason to get together, unless they both are looking at expanding their influence beyond their respective borders.

As I have mentioned many times before, I believe that the timing of the Obama presidency, combined with many of his policies, makes him “apocalyptic”–a term that a Catholic cardinal used for Barack Obama when he was the “President-elect”.  President Obama is likely to enable the rise of at least three leaders that the Bible warns against (see Prophecies of Barack Obama).

In Patriarch Kirill’s mind, I suspect he is trying touch bases with various world leaders in order to try to make better internationally related decisions in the future.  He would be wise to not try for unity with the worldly churches outside of Russia.

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