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Late last night I was sent an email “press release”:

Announcing the inception of :
“The OBEDIENT Church of God”
July 22 2009.
We can tell you what you mean to God. We can FREE YOU FROM THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Get the “most” protection you can, from the best Homepage that has the “most” TRUTH to “SAVE YOU”. Obey and honour God, and we will give you the specifications for your Spiritual Building of protection, that will protect you from the MARK OF THE BEAST.

Your FREE ticket on “God’s Zion Train” awaits you…

The group is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  It also claims a  USA office in Omak, Washington.  It may have people who were once associated with William Dankenbring’s Triumph Prophetic Ministries as it has statements at its website about TPM in a positive manner.  Yet, on the other hand it has an article comparing its beliefs with TPM’s titled 50 Errors/Differences in TPM corrected by THE OBEDIENT Church of God which suggests to me that it put its website together a bit too quickly as it seems odd for it to both praise TPM as the end-time church while it condemns much of what it teaches.

But perhaps most importantly, as of a few moments ago, its “Homepage” does not mention the word Jesus (or any Hebrew equivalent), Christ, nor baptism, thus it does not have the information necessary to help save anyone (Acts 2:38; 4:10-12).

The website for this group makes such generalized claims as:

“YOU” ARE rejecting the Son, by not following The Crescent Moons that the Son showed you to follow. “YOU” do not want to have fellowship with the Son on His Crescent Moon Holy Days

Because your church does “NOT” follow the Crescent New Moons as Jesus and Paul did:

Shame, disgrace, and punishment is held up in store for your church.
Question: Will “YOU” leave your church that has wrong days and doctrines
and instead come into TO COG=The Obedient Church of God
TO COG is the Church that has the “same” Days and Practices that Jesus and Paul followed.
Are you so stubborn that
you will have to be burned up…

This is a warning witness against you from The OBEDIENT Church of God.

The fact is that Jesus (and by extension Paul) did use a calendar with postponements which is the same calendar that groups like the Living Church of God do.   Hence, the condemnations that TOCOG makes are in error.

The group also claims:

God will do a “short” (final) work Romans 9:28
Zech 4:10 Who has despised the day of small things?
which we will at Passover 2010
activate and present to the World
as a warning message and Witness to the Nations

And while God will do the short work (Romans 9:28) and probably during that time frame, thus far, my experience has been that none of the “calendar groups” (groups claiming to be in the COG but who believe that there are one or more differences in how the dates for the biblical holydays should be calculated and that this is the apparently the most important doctrine) has ever done any work of significance.  Nor do I believe that any will.

TOCOG makes a lot of prophetic claims.  Here are some which they may wish to edit as some are in biblical error and others are in direct support of TPM (which because of their other article, I presume that they do not mean to do now):

2010 is the “start” of the 7 years…

RE: Christ “not” returning in 2010 until 2018:
We “know” that Jesus will “not” return until at least 2018, “BECAUSE” the 3rd Temple is not rebuilt
as of this writing…

The Bible predicts that the Daily Sacrifice will be taken away. So that means that
there has to be a Temple for the Daily Animal Sacrifice.
So we now can extrapolate/deduce that the daily sacrifice will be taken away “after” the first 3
1/2 years, after the Temple has been built in 2010, because the Bible states so Daniel 12:11…

The Temple “MUST” be started by 2010 and completed
“before” 2010-2014, so the script of the Bible can start re the Man of Sin…

We “know” that all must be in the Place of Safety when you see the Pope in the 3rd Temple…

2010 is the “START” of Triumph Prophetic Ministries Church of God “BROADCASTING” GOD’S
WORK out to the World, instead of just to its membership, because it is the start of the 5th time

The 1986 death of Mr. Armstrong, “activated” Triumph Prophetic Ministries Church of
God. 19 years from the “NEW” START of the New Time cycle starting with Mr. Armstrong’s death
in 1986 + 19 years= 2015 which is the 1st year for the Place of Safety, which is of great

18.) 1987-2018 = 30 years of “Triumph Prophetic Ministries Church of God”: Similar to Jesus’
lifespan of having the Holy Spirit guide Jesus even at age 12 when Jesus spoke in the Temple to
the Elders.
19.) 1967 6 day war to 2007= 40 years= 2007 The start of setting up the Triumph Prophetic
Ministries Church of God “INFRASTRUCTURE” to warn the world! Then after 3 1/2 years of
building the INFRASTRUCTURE for 2010…

A.) We, (the TPM Church), warns the World for the 1st 3 1/2 years starting 2010 – 2011
In 2014 we leave for the Place of Safety.

(Deciphering & Decoding the 5777 Fig Tree. At TOCOG’s TheWorldTomorrow website, viewed 07/23/09)

While 2010 could be the start of the 7 years, the truth is that a physical temple does NOT need to be built for the sacrifices to resume (Ezra 3:6).  The reality is that this group, like similar groups, simply should not be relied upon as it clearly does not understand what the Bible teaches on the temple and other subjects.  Please see the article Why is a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem Not Required? (Those interested in reading some of TPM’s errors can read Teachings of Triumph Prophetic Ministries.)

Anyway, TOCOG seems to be a small group that will not end up doing any significant work.  At best, I would suspect that it is Laodicean, and at worst, an enemy of the actual Church of God.  However, it seems to be using end-time dates similar to those that have long been used at the COGwriter website.  Hence while it may have stumbled upon some dates that have more accuracy than certain other groups, that of itself does not prove that they are correct.

In my view, TOCOG’s condemnations, history, and approach are more like TPM’s.  It is simply not the most “obedient” of among the churches.  It is simply a small group that is trying to persuade itself that it is right and that it will somehow do a major work.  I disagree that it is of that it will.

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