Republicans expected to gain seats in Midterms, so what?


Miderm elections in the USA are scheduled to take place on November 4, 2014 and Republicans are expected to make some gains:

October 23, 2014

The president is a drag on his party in the upcoming midterms. Candidates are distancing themselves from the Oval Office occupant. And the president has lost the magic that propelled him into the White House. Are we talking again about President Obama? Actually, we’re talking about almost every president since World War II, especially those in their sixth year in office — the so-called “Six-Year Itch.” Consider these headlines over the past three decades:

  • “Campaigner in Chief Has Limited Reach; An Unpopular President Avoids Many Key Races” (Washington Post, 11/1/2006)
  • “US elections Bush factor is proving a negative for voters and candidates along the campaign trail” (The Guardian, 10/17/2006)
  • “Clinton’s troubles reemerge as election issue” (The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 11/2/1998)
  • “Reagan’s coattails are frayed, Democrats say” (AP, 11/1/1986)
  • “The Great Communicator Fizzles” (Evans & Novak, 10/31/1986)

This isn’t to dismiss the political problems surrounding Obama and his party heading into next month’s contests. But it is a reminder that the party controlling the White House almost always loses seats in a midterm election.

The NBC piece is intended to lower expectations so that the White House will not be blamed for the expected result of the upcoming elections.

Might possible Republican gains make any difference?


Republican gains in midterm elections during the Clinton Administration did end up affecting legislation.  And the cooperation between the Clinton Administration and Congress led to certain economic and other legislation.

Whether Barack Obama will be as open in his last two year to cooperation with Congress as Bill Clinton was will be seen.  Sometimes cooperation happens when both parties feel that they have little choice.  Whether or not this cooperation will truly be helpful for the USA remains to be seen.

Will possible Republican gains make any important spiritual difference?

Probably not.

Notice comments from one pundit:

Could Republican’s win big on Election Day and still be behind the ball in the grand scheme of things? Mark Steyn seems to think so.

According to the conservative columnist, even though conservatives and Republicans may do well on Nov. 4, liberals are winning the other 364 days throughout the year, or the “culture stakes,” with tremendous effect on our society.

“Election Day is one day a year, and the culture is the other 364 days a year,” said Steyn. “So if you’re not in there competing in the schools, competing in the pop culture, competing in the media, competing in the main-line churches, then the air we breathe becomes liberal.”

“That’s the default setting in society. Whoever gets elected on a Tuesday morning in November doesn’t actually make much difference.” …

The left is brilliant at framing the debate,” Steyn told Kilmeade, noting specific buzz words for being “anti-women,” “racist,” and “homophobic,” according to the left.

“When you let the left win the language wars…when you make it impossible even to bring up those subjects, you basically ensure that you’re going to lose no matter who wins in November,” he concluded.

I saw Mark Steyn on the news last night.  He basically stated that the Republicans may well gain seats in the midterms, but “the liberals are winning the culture war.”

And to a major degree he is correct.  The ‘conservatives’ have not been able to get the nation to repent from officially embracing many practices that the Bible shows are sinful.

Furthermore, consider that if Barack Obama nominates someone for the US Supreme Court, he would only propose an individual who he felt would be pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage.  Republicans in Congress will not stop that.  They may sometimes stop certain nominees, but whoever President Obama would nominate would be pushing at least those anti-biblical objectives.

While there are some Republicans standing up against abortion and the homosexual agenda, they are getting fewer and fewer.  These are simply not positions that most Republicans will risk re-election for.  Hence, Republicans will go along with, and not reverse, the overall trend in the USA to go the wrong direction.

I would add that Republicans have other problems of their own, but I am mainly trying to address the reality that Republican gains in the midterms are not expected to change the moral direction of the country.  Nor will they turn back the outrage that the Europeans have over the USA’s espionage.  Nor will they be able to eliminate the debt that will be a factor in the coming destruction of the USA (Habakkuk 2:6-8) by the Europeans (Daniel 11:39).

What the USA needs is national repentance, the return of Jesus Christ, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

Potential Republican victories this November will not change what the USA really needs.

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