Another False Prophet? The Elections and Herman Hoeh


Yesterday, I received an email from a source identified as “”.  This email was telling me that a year ago, someone named John Hogue said he had learned something from an “oracle” that basically predicted that the Republicans would take control of the House and Senate in the United States yesterday (though the “Tea Party Republicans” would not always cooperate).  After the election results started to come in, I followed up on that by going to visit the website of John Hogue.

At his website, John Hogue had the following post Monday, 11/01/10:

Time and events catching up to my oracle’s cryptic prediction make clear to me what the message of that prophecy was…

Obama does not feel our pain in these economically dire times nor has he yet found his voice or figured out how to use this crisis to galvanize citizens to action. That doesn’t mean he won’t learn his lesson after tomorrow’s historic shocker.

In tomorrow’s midterm election, he will lose the House and by the slightest of margins, lose the Senate too.

It appears that Obama’s party (the Democrats) lost the House last night.  Although the final results are not known for sure yet today, unless the Democrats have 49 or less seats in the Senate, they still will control the Senate.  A count of 50 means that the Vice President can also vote to break ties, and since Joseph Biden is a Democrat, unless the count goes to less than 50, the Democrats will keep control of the Senate (unless one or more of them switch political parties).

Speaking of elections, in November 1980, a few weeks after Ronald Reagan was elected, I happened to have been visiting Sacramento.  On what I believe was the last Sabbath of that month, the late WCG evangelist Herman Hoeh was speaking.

Herman Hoeh stated that because of Ronald Reagan’s election, he and the church felt that the United States likely would last at least another eight years.  And that was so.

After it became clear last night that the Republicans would take control of the House of Representatives, I saw a Republican congressman named John Boehner gave an emotional speech.  In that speech he stated that the results of the election were a  “mandate for Washington to reduce spending.”

And while reducing spending is a nice goal, the reality is that without national repentance, the USA is doomed.  Unlike the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, I do not believe that last night’s election is any assurance that the USA has eight more years to survive.  And while it may (and perhaps longer), it also may not survive as a nation past 2015.

Cutting debt is, biblically, a good idea.  But even if the Republicans succeed in that (which in terms of total debt seems impossible in the next few years, but they may slow the increase in the debt), as early as today, the Federal Reserve is expected to announce its plans for potentially more “quantitative easing” (essentially increasing electronic dollars without producing goods to back the dollars up).  And that will result in even more debt.

The USA needs national repentance.  Changing control of the House does not change that need.  But even if the nation will do not repent, you can.

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