Russia Warns West About Iran and Syria

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Russia keeps trying to make its diplomatic voice heard on the Middle East:

Russia warns West it risks war over Syria, Iran

Ellen Barry
January 20, 2012

MOSCOW: The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has warned outside encouragement of anti-government uprisings in the Middle East and north Africa could lead to ”a very big war that will cause suffering not only to countries in the region but also to states far beyond its boundaries”.

Mr Lavrov’s annual news conference on Wednesday was largely a critique of Western policies in Iran and Syria, which he said could lead to a spiral of violence.

He said Russia would use its position on the United Nations Security Council to veto any UN authorisation of military strikes against forces loyal to the government of Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad.

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While the Russian Foreign Minister is correct that the West’s “encouragement of anti-government uprisings in the Middle East and north Africa could lead to ‘a very big war that will cause suffering not only to countries in the region but also to states far beyond its boundaries,”” the reality is that Russia does not want to get in an actual war with the West over this.

Russia has issues with Muslim populations in a variety of former Soviet states and while it will make statements that sometimes seem to appease the Muslims, the reality is that they do not want an Islamic confederation to rise up.  And support, from nations like the United States for groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, is absolutely something that Russia does not want to encourage.  Yet, this is something that the USA has done and seems to continue to encourage, despite negative comments about the USA from the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

(The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to have an Islamic empire from Spain to Indonesia.  And though they will not get Spain, an empire from Morocco to perhaps Afghanistan or so may happen.)

However, irrespective of Russia’s pleas and warnings, Bible prophecy supports the view that an Islamic Empire, known as the final King of the South (Daniel 11:40), will rise up.  And the Arab Spring and Western encouragement is helping set the stage for this to happen.  Even engaging Iran and/or Syria (Isaiah 17:1) militarily directly and/or through Israel may help this occur.

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