Russia Seizes Iran-Bound Radioactive Material



Russia stopped Iran from getting some radioactive metals:

 Russia Seizes Radioactive Metals From Tehran-Bound Passenger

BusinessWeek – ‎16 December 2011

By Scott Rose and Henry Meyer Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) — Customs officials at a Moscow airport stopped a passenger who was trying to board a flight to Tehran with luggage containing radioactive materials, Russia’s Federal Customs Service said.

Russia is an ally of Iran, but not a particularly close one–Russia is a bit more pragmatic and does what it believes in its interest, and that can change with the right international pressure (as well as internal needs/wants).

This stoppage may affect Iran’s ability to produce as many nuclear bombs as some think it is trying to make.

Russia, who does not wish to support an Islamic leadership of the world. Iran knows that, thus it realizes that there are limits to Russia’s “friendship.”

Events are moving forward in the Middle East, Iran, and other parts of the world for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Some of these events may happen in 2012.

As Jesus said:

37 And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch! (Mark 13:37)

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