TW: Will Germany Leave the EU?

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Will Germany leave the EU?

Many assume that Greece will be forced to leave the EU and that Spain and Italy must follow. This could leave Germany with a trillion euro liability–something few Germans want their nation to be responsible for. Experts and the European press are starting to suggest that the only really feasible option for Germany may be for it to leave and let the EU “sink or swim” on its own (Telegraph, August 21, 2012).

During the Olympics, while much of the European press was focused on the games in London, sobering headlines appeared regarding the demise of the EU, including: “Greece must go bankrupt” in the German Handelsblatt (August 16, 2012), and “Germany may be the country that brings the euro crashing down” (Telegraph, August 21, 2012). France’s voice has been conspicuously absent from the recent rhetoric about the demise of the EU. This prompted the observation from noted British commentator, Christopher Booker, “The old ‘Franco-German motor’ is dying–and with it the entire project it drove forward for 50 years” (ibid.).

Bible prophecy reveals that the formation of the end-time Beast of Revelation will occur in Europe and will most likely be led by Germany. This formation will include 10 kings or nations, who will surrender their sovereignty to a central power (see Revelation 17). Events are now occurring on the European scene that could set the stage for this next, grand step in Bible prophecy. See our free booklet, The Beast of Revelation, for more details!

A reorganization must happen in Europe (Revelation 17:12-13), but there are likely to various other ones first. Ultimately, despite problems (Daniel 2:41-43), Europe will, for a time, rise up (Revelation 13).  Germany, who appears to have at least some Assyrian ancestry, will play a role in the emergence of end time Babylon.

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