Germany’s DAX Dropped 5.82% Today

Berlin Reichstag


Germany had a major drop in its stock values today:

DAX suffers worst dive since November 2008

Published: 18 Aug 11

Germany’s DAX stock index plunged nearly six percent on Thursday, suffering its worst decline since November 2008 amid growing economic concerns on both sides of the Atlantic. The index of Germany’s 30 leading blue-chip companies closed at 5,602.80 points, down by 5.82 percent.

Jesus spoke of a time of troubles (Mark 13:8) that would be before the Great Tribulation, and Germany is subject to some of them as well.  It may be that it will take “troubles” for the final King of the North of Daniel 11 to rise up.

We in LCG believe that despite the obvious problems in Europe  including Germany (Daniel 2:42-43), that Europe will become, for a time, the world’s dominant military and economic power (per Revelation 13) with German (Assyria in scripture) dominance (Isaiah 10:5-7).

The US stock market also had problems today:

Wall Street Journal – ‎18 August 2011

Stocks tumbled amid growing fears of a global recession, as investors confronted a grim mix of US economic data and fresh concerns about Europe’s banks.

Currently, the USA is the strongest military power on the planet, but is weakening economically, morally, and slowly militarily. Yet at the end, the USA seems to be the nation with the “strongest fortresses” that gets taken over and divided (Daniel 11:39) by the final European (cf. Daniel 9:26-27) King of the North (Daniel 11:39), who is also the Beast of Revelation 13.

As I have long written, there will be bumps in the road and other problems in Europe, and Germany will have some as well.  But I also strongly believe that these events seem to be necessary for end time prophecy to be fulfilled–as it will be.

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