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Germany’s growing influence.

Angela Merkel stated “Time is of the essence,” in appealing to Israelis and Palestinians to push forward in their peace process. On a recent trip to Europe, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas traveled to Berlin to update leaders on current peace developments with Israel. “Abbas thanked the German government for its support, both on a material and political level. The country had helped in the building of Palestinian state institutions and was also in a position to be helpful in the peace process, enjoying good relations with both sides.”

“‘The fact that Germany is a good friend of Israel does not bother us, because Germany is also a good friend of the Palestinians,’ Abbas emphasized. Palestinians understood the historical reasons for Germany’s support of Israel, said Abbas, and they respected them” (Deutsche Welle, January 20, 2012). Germany feels responsible for the Holocaust and it has made it a priority to keep good relations with Israel while also giving economic and political support to the neighboring Palestinians.

God inspired Daniel to write about a coming time when a fragile peace would be made in Jerusalem by a northern European leader. The peace will be cut short when this king of the North is provoked by a king of the South. The king of the North will react by bringing great desolation on Middle East countries aligned with the king of the South (Daniel 9:27; 11:40-41).

With Abbas’ recent trip to Europe, it appears Germany will become more involved in the biblically prophesied attempt to bring “peace” in the Holy Land. For more information about these exciting prophetic events, request our free booklet Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return.

Well, to a major degree Germany already has emerged as the major leader of Europe. Germany is also making headways with the Arab world:

Merkel Says EU Willing to Tighten Syria Sanctions, Passauer Says

Bloomberg – 09 February 2012

China and Russia were “wrong” to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution backing an Arab League plan to transfer power in Syria, German Chancellor said…

The Bible tells of one or more deals (Psalm 83:4-8; Daniel 9:27; Daniel 11:27) that will involve Germany and the Arab world.  Cooperating with the Arab League seems to be a step towards future deals, despite Europe’s problems (Daniel 2:41-44).

According to Bible prophecy, a European power, despite its fragility, is destined to temporarily be the most dominant force in the world, ultimately conquer the Anglo-descended nations (Daniel 11:39), and later come to its end (Daniel 11:45).

We in the Living Church of God have long taught that Germany (Assyria in end time prophecy) would be the driving force in the end-time European Beast power as well as having a future role in God’s kingdom. Germany has been the main economic engine behind the EU (the Netherlands is also a major, but sometimes overlooked, major economic power there as well).

We believe that over time, Germany will get more and more powerful and that an even stronger union will form in Europe as well as be part of a horrible deal with the Arabs.   Germany keeps taking steps that confirm those beliefs.

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