UK Election Thursday

Palace of Westminster in London


The election for prime minister of the United Kingdom is this week:

Why Britain’s American-style election will have un-American consequences
Washington Post – Sunday, May 2, 2010
By Matt Frei, anchor of “BBC World News America.”

Since the 1980s, Britain’s Conservative and Labor parties have dispatched a few scouts across the pond to see how Uncle Sam does elections. But in 2008 there were dozens of them, witnessing the success of Barack Obama and returning here crammed with revolutionary ideas about how to massage victory for their own candidates in the next British contest.

Those lessons are being reinforced by a posse of American campaign veterans. Anita Dunn, former communications director for Obama’s White House, is helping the Conservatives spit-polish their message. The Labor Party has recruited Joel Benenson, Obama’s lead campaign pollster, as well as Michael Sheehan, a speech coach who apparently specializes in “loosening up” politicians. (Our incumbent prime minister, Labor’s Gordon “bigoted woman” Brown, could no doubt benefit from his magic.)

So the Brits are taking lessons from Obama.

Because of the timing of this election (it is within several years of when the 6000 years for humans to rule will be up), whoever wins in the UK will likely help set the UK up for a fall.

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