UK’s Osborne Proposing Budget Cuts, But Still to Have Structural Deficits

Palace of Westminster in London


Another austerity budget has been proposed for the UK:

29 November 2011

George Osborne: Public sector pay rises capped at 1%…

Mr Osborne also confirmed that UK economic growth would be lower, and borrowing higher, than was forecast during the Budget in March…

He said borrowing was falling and debt would come down but “not as quickly as we wished”. In 2011-12 it is now forecast at £127bn – up from £122bn forecast in the Budget – £120bn in 2012-13, £100bn in 2013-14 and £79bn in 2014-15…

The chancellor conceded he would not be able to meet his aim of eliminating the structural deficit and to see national debt falling by 2014/15 – a year ahead of target – because “that headroom has now disappeared”.

Austerity programs have also been proposed for countries in Europe that use the Euro.  The economic situation in the European Union is currently a bit tense.  There will likely be more civil unrest and protests, and perhaps riots and civil war.

The fact that debt is still expected in the UK should be of no surprise to regular readers of this page.  On June 22, 2010, I posted:

But, I suspect that the United Kingdom will have various compromises, and will still end up with having too much debt. (see UK Proposing Budget Cuts and Tax Increases)

And that appears to be what has been happening.  The United Kingdom may also have other internal and external problems to make this worse than Chancellor Osborne seems to currently believe.

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