Weiss: ‘Shocking Forecasts for 2013’


A reader sent me a link to an article from Martin Weiss that included the following:

11 Shocking Forecasts for 2013

Martin D. Weiss Ph.D. |

No one can predict the future with precision. But I sincerely hope you heed these forecasts, especially given the fact that our analysts have been very correct about recent events — the election, the fiscal cliff, their immediate consequences and more…

Forecast #1
At first, Washington may try to deceive the public with a fake, cosmetic deal that utterly fails to address the real fiscal cliff…

Forecast #2
Even if Washington does cut a so-called “major deficit deal,” our nation’s debt will continue to grow by leaps and bounds!…

Forecast #5
Bernanke is going to TRY to sustain the economy with more money printing. But he is going to fail!…

Forecast #7
The printed money will drive prices sharply higher and absolutely decimate the U.S. dollar…

Forecast #8
Bond prices will collapse as interest rates shoot higher.  As a result we will get still another shock to the economy!…

Forecast #9
Gold is going to $5,000 —almost a triple from today’s prices.

Forecast #10
Silver should surge to well over $150 an ounce — more than a four-fold gain!

Forecast #11
Oil prices should reach nearly $200 per barrel, more than a double from current levels!  http://www.moneyandmarkets.com/11-shocking-forecasts-for-2013-51032

While I agree that he cannot prediction the future with precision, I do not believe that all of these are shocking forecasts.  But, I would suggest that Washington will not come up with a real deal to fix the real fiscal cliff.  I will state clearly that USA debt will rise, even if the rate varies (and could for short times reverse).  Ben Bernanke will continue to come up with producing money and inflating the money supply of US dollars.  Printing more money (in printing presses, electronically, and/or etc.) will ultimately lead to massive inflation.  The USA dollar will ultimately become totally decimated–and likely worse than Martin Weiss truly expects.  Interest rates will go up in the USA.

In terms of US dollars, gold and silver will go up–and ultimately higher than what Martin Weiss has forecasted–but not necessarily in 2013 (nor did he make it clear that this had to be in 2013).  In terms of US dollars, oil will go up–and ultimately higher than what Martin Weiss has forecasted.

How long will be not too many years, probably within a decade or so. (Note: Some of the 11 predictions were somewhat redundant, so I left them out of my post.)

Lest anyone consider my views are being particularly “political,” let me state that I do not believe that the Republican Party will be able to solve the financial problems of the USA.  Nor do I believe that those in it will make a deal with the current Democratic Party leader, President Barack Obama.  Part of the reason that the USA is facing its current fiscal cliff is because the Republicans and Democrats (including Barack Obama) thought they made a deal to solve the related issues in the Summer of 2010.

As I see more moral and other decline in the USA, I have no additional confidence in their abilities to really solve the issues now.

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