Why Europe Can’t Survive As Is

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Do population trends bode well for the Europeans in this Union?


Things cannot continue as they have been in Europe.  Without change, Europe simply cannot survive long as it has been because of its declining birth rates.  Birthrates less than the replacement rate must result in change.

In the current issue of LCG’s Tomorrow’s World magazine, after explaining that Israel is not producing enough children for the Jews to maintain their majority in that land, Gerald Weston wrote:

One could just as accurately write a headline, “Why Europe Can’t Survive.” Like Israel, Europe is approaching a time of decision—and Europe’s enemies are well aware of it. Last April 11, Yunis Al-Astal, a Palestinian cleric who is also a member of his nation’s parliament, told worshipers at Friday prayer, broadcast by Al-Aqsa Television, “Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was, as was prophesied by our prophet Muhammad.” Al-Astal foretold that Rome, Europe and eventually the whole world would be subjected to “conquests through dawa [proselytization] and even military conquests.” Westerners have grown used to hearing outlandish and preposterous boasts by frenzied fanatics in the Middle East, so it is understandable that most people have not taken comments like Yunis al-Astal’s seriously. But maybe, this time, they should!…
Europe, just like Israel, is facing a crisis of demographics. Put simply, Europe—or, more accurately Europeans—are going out of business! Ethnic French, Germans, Greeks and Italians are not producing enough children to sustain the populations of their nations. Meanwhile, with the vigor Europeans and North Americans once had, Muslim families are producing babies. This means that as the newly burgeoning populations grow, their religion and culture will clash with the existing European order—but one side will be on the rise, gaining new voters with each new election, while the other will be on the defensive, forced to face the reality of its ultimate defeat!
European leaders recognize that their ethnic and religious heritage is threatened. Author Mark Steyn reminds us that this was not lost on Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger when he chose his “name for the papacy: Benedict XVI. Born in Umbria in 480, St. Benedict was the man who ensured, during the Dark Ages, that the vital elements of Roman and Greek civilization were preserved and that, by infusing them with Christianity, they would emerge in a new and stronger form: the basis for Europe and Western Civilization. Referring to his namesake, Pope Benedict XVI once quoted a Benedictine motto: ‘Succisa virescit.’ Pruned, it grows again” (America Alone, p. 126).
Speaking to a crowd gathered to observe the 850th anniversary of the famous Austrian shrine known as Mariazell, the pope discussed what he called “the crisis of Europe.” In his homily, he decried the moral relativism of post-modernism as an “attitude of resignation with regard to truth,” and added, “I am convinced, [this] lies at the heart of the crisis of the West, the crisis of Europe. If truth does not exist for man, then neither can he ultimately distinguish between good and evil.”
Benedict further declared, in front of the 30,000 faithful who braved cold and rain to hear him, one particular manifestation of the crisis in the West: “Europe has become child-poor: we want everything for ourselves, and place little trust in the future” (Reuters, September 8, 2007).

How Child-Poor Is Europe?

Demographers tell us that it takes an average of 2.1 births per woman for a country to maintain its population. Yet Europe currently has an average birthrate of just 1.38! This means Europe’s population is aging, with too few children being born to support the vast social welfare systems most Europeans have come to take for granted…
When a nation fails to reproduce itself, it must either die out or look to immigrationEuropean birthrates are among the world’s lowest, but there is a baby boom in Muslim countries…
Al-Astal’s bold prediction of an Islamic Rome may seem absurd at first, but when we look at demographics and history, the facts are on his side! Western secularists may find it difficult to admit that their cherished worldview could be replaced by an ideology as radically different as Islam, but this is indeed what the facts tell us—at least on the surface.
But is an Islamic world truly the future? Or are there some surprises down the road, which neither Muslim clerics nor secular analysts can foresee?
The good news is that al-Astal is wrong; there will be no Muslim conquest of the whole world. The bad news is that a time of worldwide war is ahead, which will bring unprecedented suffering to our planet. Thankfully, there is good news after the bad. The coming time of suffering will end with the return of Jesus Christ, and His establishment of the Kingdom of God on planet Earth.
Before Christ’s return, however, the world will come to a breaking point—a point of explosion that was long ago prophesied. A clash of religions and civilizations is in the making. When the flashpoint comes, there will be catastrophe beyond all imagination…

The Ride of Four Horsemen

In Revelation 6, the Bible describes four “horsemen” whose rides bring terrible destruction upon our world. The Apostle John writes that when he opened the first seal on a mysterious scroll handed to him in vision, “I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer” (v. 2)…
Put plainly, this first horseman looks like Jesus Christ, but represents false Christs or false messiahs! Jesus tells us that before the prophesied end-time wars, famines and pestilences, we will see an upsurge in false saviors—including many who claim to be following Christ.
False religion will set the stage for prophesied war, famine and pestilence in which billions of human beings will die. At one point, an army of 200,000,000 will kill a full third of humanity! (Revelation 9:12–18). This is not the result of precision strikes by “smart bombs.” This is all out, no-holds-barred, fight to the death, winner-take-all warfare!
Complacent Westerners, secure in their comfortable mindset, may believe (or hope) that such a calamity could not possibly occur in our modern, enlightened, civilized world. But consider the choices Israelis and Europeans will soon face. They must either give up their religion, culture and national heritage—effectively cease to exist—or they must take some very drastic and unpleasant steps. It is inconceivable that the Jewish state will quietly hand over power to internal enemies who have openly declared a desire to see Israel destroyed. Israel’s Jewish leaders will choose Israel over democracy…
The Bible tells us that neither Europe nor Israel will submit quietly to the demographic crisis—and that time is running out for them to act. We can be sure we are entering into momentous times, when nations and groups of nations will feel forced to act in ways quite contrary to what their hearts and long-cherished values now lead them to believe are possible.
There is good news beyond the coming demographic crisis, but human beings will first need to learn some painful lessons. A clash of cultures, religions, and nations is on the near horizon, just as prophesied in the pages of the Bible..

Of course Europe will survive, but not as is.  This lack of replacement rate reproduction will be one of the reasons that I believe it will move to eliminate vast amounts of Muslims within its borders.

Short of opening up immigration from say, Latin America (which to a degree probably will happen, but will still change Europe as it now is), it is simply is not possible for Europe to change this trend of its own decreasing population in the near term.

This may also be one of the reasons that the Europeans will decide to make the military moves that it is prophesied to make against the Anglo-American nations (see Anglo – America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel) and the Arab nations (see The Arab World In the Bible, History, and Prophecy) in the future.

Despite the declining “native” populations, the Europeans will rise up for a while.  But that will not last either.

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