Fishing Stock Depletion


Tomorrow, the Europeans are meeting to discuss fish:

Fish stocks in crisis…

A meeting organised by Rochdale Euro-MP Chris Davies on Wednesday (22 June) will hear new evidence from the EU Fisheries Commissioner about the crisis facing Europe’s fisheries.

Maria Damanaki will tell members of the ‘Fish for the Future’ group in the European Parliament that tonnes of fish landed at EU ports fell by 30% per cent between 1998 and 2008.

The fish depletion is not just a European problem.  Much of the world is starting to notice that fishing stocks in the ocean are being depleted.

Greed and lack of international cooperation are currently the biggest causes of this crisis.

When more food shortages and food inflation take place, this too will increase pressure on fish stocks.

The Bible warns of famines of course (Matthew 24:7-8; cf. Revelation 6:5-6) as part of the beginning of sorrows.  But it also warns that the time will come when fishing stocks will be even more dramatically affected (Revelation 8:8-11)  and ultimately they apparently will be gone (Revelation 16:3).

Presuming that the European meeting will NOT be successful, it appears that humans (not all, but enough of those who will not fully cooperate with each other that extract fish) seem intent on trying to fish the oceans well beyond the natural ability of fish to replenish.  In times of real food shortages, even Westerners will see that this has truly been a mistake.

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