COGWA’s Frank McCrady Worse


Here are some updates related to Frank McCrady, a former UCG pastor now in the Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA):

This below sent by Don Hooser from Mr. McCrady’s son and our former Dallas Pastor, Frank McCrady III…From Frank McCrady III, pastor, Dayton/Cincinnati North, Ohio:

My father, Frank McCrady, Jr., had a stroke on the night of March 30th. It was pretty bad. His left side is paralyzed at this time – there is slight feeling on the bottom of his left foot when a sharp pencil is dragged across it. His speech is severely slurred.

On Thursday morning, March 31, Charlene McCrady called to say that he had taken a turn for the worse. I am headed to Texas to be with my father.

This additional update via David Evans from Ken Treybig received this afternoon…

Following is an update we received from Ken Treybig, who pastors the congregation Frank and Charlene McCrady attend (East Texas):

Hi everyone,

I was able to spend a little time at the hospital today (Longview Regional) and wanted to update everyone on Mr. McCrady. He is sedated while on the respirator, which is probably good since his body needs rest now as it tries to do whatever repairs it can. The respiratory technician (I think that’s what he’s called) came in to monitor the machine and was very kind to answer any questions we had. He said they have the machine set for a certain amount of breaths per minute, but that he’s breathing on his own beyond that number–and that’s good because it means they may be able to slowly wean him off the respirator. The best guess of the nurse is that his very slow heartbeat is what caused him to stop breathing last night and is the reason they put him on the respirator. He’s told me several times that his normal heart rate is rather low, but apparently that’s contributing to a lack of oxygen getting to all his cells. So they are also bringing in a cardiologist to see what can be done there. He did move his left foot some today–and even moved his left leg. The nurse is cautioning against making too much of it, saying that might be some kind of reflex action, but it is encouraging to see at least some movement on his left side.

Charlene is holding up well, considering the situation, and deeply appreciates all the prayers and well wishes she’s received. She is receiving help taking care of the animals, and that’s a great blessing for her so she can concentrate on being at the hospital at his side. I’ve assured her that many are willing to help in whatever way possible. All she has to do is say the word… I’ve also let her know that many prayers are going up for both of them in this difficult time and we’re praying for God’s will, and for His merciful intervention.

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