ICG: Middle East Update, Including Iran



Last night, ICG’s Mark Armstrong reported:

Israel celebrated the 62nd anniversary as an independent modern nation this week. It was marked by the traditional remembrance of holocaust and national birth pangs along with their victories in wars and those lost in the nation’s preservation. But as reported in the New York Times, there is a dark foreboding hanging in the air. Coincidental with what is believed to be a final push for nuclear weapons in Iran, Israelis are grappling with the reality that their ally and benefactor, the United States, has turned its back on their plight. Israel apparently doesn’t dare take action against Iran’s nuclear installations without risking the wrath of the Obama administration. But already, relations have become downright acrimonious between the U.S. administration and Israel.

It comes at a time when Iran is seen to be instigating a provocation between Syria and Israel. Consignments of Iranian supplied missiles are reportedly being shipped to Hezbollah at Iran’s behest. Several reports indicate that, since it appears that Iran will succeed in acquiring nukes, Saudi Arabia has begun to participate in the regional nuclear arms race. It’s no wonder that the Israeli’s are feeling mighty insecure.

And how secure will the United States be once Iran has nuclear weapons at its disposal. Analysts predicted this week that the Iranians will have missiles capable of reaching the U.S. by 2015. But the dangers are even more immediate than that. Debkafile quoted an official in a publication out of Tehran warning that nuclear explosions will hit American cities if its nuclear facilities are attacked. We can only hope that’s merely more of the bogus blather we’ve come to expect from that crowd.

Many events are happening in the Middle East.

It is one of the primary focal points of end-time biblical prophecy.  The Bible tells of a time that a confederation of Middle Eastern peoples will make a deal to eliminate the descendants of Israel and be helped by the end time descendants of Assyria (Psalm 83; Isaiah 10).  This time is getting closer.

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