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Pope Benedict XVI


Although I covered some of this several weeks ago (see Pope Wants World Economic Reform), in his update last night, ICG’s Mark Armstrong wrote:

There are many voices, mostly outside the realm of mainstream media, that are expressing alarm about unbridled government spending; federal seizure of huge private industrial and financial corporations; the fantastically complex proposal to limit and regulate energy production and usage; the notion of enforcement by whole new agencies and bureaucracies, to name of few.

Does it strike anyone as odd, that when the pope issued his “encyclical” (glorified and long letter, to whom it may concern) arguing for many of those same policies on a global scale, it makes no news at all. No one is expressing concern anywhere, mainstream or otherwise, about the pope claiming there is an “urgent need of a true world political authority.” It is on the record, as they say, and published by the Vatican, including language about global enforcement powers.

Even though many here in the U.S. are very concerned about what kind of enforcement powers our current leadership may conceal in one of these fourteen pound “laws” they propose, the pope is effectively flying below the radar when he openly calls for the same kind of agenda on a world-wide scale.

Nearly all observers, even in the mainstream, are bearish on the long term prospects for the American dollar in the light of the current propensity to borrow, spend and print money in violation of every sound principle. The Chinese, America’s primary lender, the Russians and even Europeans have expressed reservations about the dollar’s future. There have been numerous suggestions for a new worldwide reserve currency to replace the dollar.

It could certainly lead one to wonder why the U.S. dollar is being dramatically debased at a time when national debt already has creditors nervous. Does any of this begin to sound vaguely familiar? Are not the dramatic proposals of global currency, global enforcement powers (particularly called for by Rome) not vaguely reminiscent of end time events described in the book of Revelation?

The reality is that the Vatican has long been working for a new economic and political system.

In addition to what is mentioned in the Bible in places such as Revelation and Daniel, there are numerous Catholic private prophecies that look to the time when the Vatican will change a bit and support a certain powerful end-time militaristic leader.  This leader tends to  be referred to as “the Great Monarch”, but the Bible seems to warn of the same individual as the Beast of Revelation and the King of the North in Daniel 11.

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