Vatican Astronomer on 2012 Movie


A Vatican astronomer has made some comments about Sony’s 2012 movie and the end of the world:

Forget doomsayers; stop smoking, fasten seatbelts, advises astronomerCNS – Jan 6, 2010
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Forget worrying over end-of-the-world predictions; lives are more at risk of being lost from smoking and driving without a seatbelt, said a Vatican astronomer.U.S. Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno said, there is no reason to believe the claims behind the new apocalyptic science fiction film, “2012,” or other doomsday scenarios.”People have been predicting the end of the world since the dawn of humanity. Up until now, none of these theories have turned out to be true and there is no reason to believe (that they will come true) in 2012,” he said in an interview published Jan. 6 in the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. The article’s headline read: “2012? It’s not the end of the world, at all.”

Brother Consolmagno said there is a more serious problem behind the many forecasts of doom on the horizon.

“These beliefs spread because we are all tempted by the desire to possess secret knowledge of the future, thinking that it will make us more powerful than others. In reality, this is only a sign of bad science or bad religion,” he said.

It may be of interest to note that I wrote the following about two years ago:

Furthermore, it is highly likely that representatives of the Roman Catholic Church will teach that the end will not come on December 21, 2012. This will increase the reputation of that church as a “credible source” on matters prophetic.

This seems to be starting to happen.  Yet, certain mystics affiliated with the Church of Rome (some of which it considers to be saints) seem to suggest that the end is likely to come with the next pope.  People need to discern the truth from the hype.  And compare predictions from all sources with those contained within the Bible.

And biblically, despite what many may say about 2012, the Bible indicates that the end of the world as we know is likely to happen within the next decade or so.  Though it will NOT be in 2012.  And it will not be from a flood.

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This is a link related to a book by Bob Thiel (COGwriter). This also has YouTube videos related to 2012.  The book contains documented prophecies as well as an end time sequence of events that Christians should study and understand.  Including the role of nations such as China and what Islam teach and where such line up with biblical prophecy.

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