LCG Taking the Gospel Message to Iceland and Europe

Northern Shore of Reykjavík, Iceland


At Living Church of God (LCG) church services yesterday, the following was one of the weekly announcements:

On the week of April 6, Mr. Rod King traveled to Iceland, after being invited by the Gospel Channel for an interview. He reported, “I was interviewed for one and a half hours on the Gospel Channel which covers all of Europe via SKY television. The interviewer was a man who has been a BBC radio presenter… He had visited Ambassador College in the 70s and read The Plain Truth from time to time… he allowed me to talk about and advertise Tomorrow’s World and our booklets Do You The True Gospel and Your Ultimate Destiny…The next day they interviewed me for two half-hour programs that will air later on the Gospel Channel. We discussed marriage and family breakdown, and how God has ordained marriage as a holy covenant between two people, with God as the third Partner. We discussed tithing, the Sabbath, the Holy Days and much more. I was able to correct the notion that many people have about us, that we teach ‘salvation through works.’”

And although LCG has been able to get out message into Europe, this is fabulous as it not only would be of interest to those in Iceland, but now in another way (as opposed to just the Tomorrow’s World program), the gospel message will be sent over Europe.

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