Living Church of God Television Results From BET and CSN

Richard Ames of Tomorrow's World With A Telly Award 

Tomorrow’s World Presenter Richard Ames with a Telly Award


LCG reported the following in Church services yesterday from a letter that its presiding evangelist (RC Meredith) sent to the ministry a few days earlier:

Many of you may have heard that we put on a special “trial” broadcast of Tomorrow’s World on the Black Entertainment Network this past Sunday. It turned out very well considering that our program was aired at 2:30 am Eastern Time. A total of 549 phone calls came in, for an overall cost per response under $12. This is very good, and I am considering the possibility of going on BET regularly if we can afford it. Since the BET reaches 84 million households it is reaching a huge number of Americans—mostly from a different demographic reached by most of our stations. So it should be very beneficial if we are able to go on this station. I would like to receive any suggestions any of you have, and I hope you will all join me in praying fervently that God will give us some more extra special offerings to make this possible! I feel that if Mr. Armstrong were alive he would probably want to go through this really big “door” in order to reach more of God’s people with the message of the Kingdom of God. 

So please pray about this matter!

Additionally, it was announced that Christo Botha, LCG’s South Africa office manager, wrote:

During the past 15 months, we received 1,035 new and 599 repeat TV responses from the TW telecast on the Community Service Network (CSN) here in South Africa. That represents an average of 22 new and 13 follow-up TV responses per program. The cost per response for all responses is $19.09 and $30.14 per new response.

LCG is trying to get the message of the gospel to the kingdom to the world as a witness.  And television is certainly one way that has proven effectiveness.

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