LCG’s Richard Ames Receives 2010 Aurora Award

Richard Ames with a previous telecast award


LCG’s Thomas Baca II wrote:

I am happy to announce that Mr. Richard Ames’ Tomorrow’s World telecast titled, “You Can Understand Prophecy,” has been awarded the Aurora Platinum Best of Show / Competition Award from the 2010 Aurora Film & Television Awards. This is the highest award that the Aurora Awards presents. In fact, according to the numbers from the Aurora Awards, only a very small percentage of the entries received are judged, and awarded at the Platinum level. Congratulations to the presenters of the Tomorrow’s World Television Program—Dr. Meredith, Mr. Ames, Mr. Wallace Smith and Mr. Rod King on their Platinum Aurora win! While we are not doing the Work for human awards, it’s nice to have an independent, professional panel of judges working in the film and television industry, gauge the overall impact and quality of our telecast. The judging committee actually made notes complimenting the effectiveness of the program, calling it “excellent” three times. We know that any excellence with the telecast comes from He who is The Most Excellent—God!  We know that God is guiding His Work through correct government, and the tremendous leadership He has chosen—under Jesus Christ and Dr. Meredith. Time is short brethren, and the time is now—let’s fully surrender to God and His will, and let’s finish the Work while it’s still day!

Speaking of LCG, here are two additional items of interest that were in its latest announcements:

Mr. Rod McNair reports that Church attendance in both the USA and International areas for June was 9-10% higher than a year ago.  Mr. Ruddlesden also reports that the year-to-date income is running just ahead of the projected income—for which we are very thankful.

LCG keeps going forward in proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom to the world as a witness (Matthew 24:14), and some are taking note of that and responding.

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