UCG Reports Beyond Today Responses

The July 2007 edition of UCG’s United News reported:

Altogether, 13,534 responses have been received since Beyond Today began airing in December 2005. Of these, 7,433 have come through the Beyond Today Web site. Phone responses from TV added 3,826 and phone calls from radio added another 1,400. Yahoo and Google Web responses totaled 875.

Thus the approximately 18 month total telephone responses UCG received is roughly equal to the weekly telephone responses that LCG receives from its Tomorrow’s World telecast.  However, over time, I believe that UCG will increase its television responses (its proposed increases in spending for public proclamation should assist this).

UCG  probably is third among the COGs in terms of television responses with LCG  apparently first (it most likely is first, it is just that PCG’s figures are not known to me) and PCG probably second (PCG has not published any numbers of responses that I have seen, though I have viewed their television station listing, which suggests to me that it is currently more effective on television than UCG as I have also viewed UCG’s listing).

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