UCG and LCG Report Telecast Records

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Last night the United Church of God (UCG) reported the following:

April 5, 2011

Beyond Today Posts Dramatic New Record-High Response on WGN America

A stunning new record-high response was received for the United Church of God Beyond Today program…hosted by Steve Myers.This episode, which aired on Sunday, March 27, 2011, received 1,460 responses at a new record low of $8.22 cost per response (CPR). These results top the former record-high 1,275 responses of $9.41 CPR for the program “Get to Know Your Bible,” which aired just three weeks earlier, on March 6, 2011. This is a 15 percent jump from one record to the next.

The Living Church of God (LCG) also reported a record response a few days ago to its telecast.  Here is an announcement from its World Ahead Weekly Update by Dr. Winnail:

This has been a very encouraging week for the Work! Mr. Wayne Pyle reports that Mr. Meredith’s Tomorrow’s World telecast last weekend, program #379, “How to Watch World Events” broke all previous records with more than 6,700 responses. It was also exciting to see that last weekend’s Tomorrow’s World Special Presentations drew 226 new people. Mr. Meredith spoke to more than 200 brethren last Sabbath in Kansas City, and on Sunday 114 visitors attended his Tomorrow’s World Special Presentation there. We had 59 visitors for the TWSP that I made in Lansing, Michigan and 44 visitors for the TWSP in Valparaiso, Indiana. Mr. Ron Poole had nine visitors for the follow-up TWSP in Asheville, North Carolina. This coming weekend, I will be in Jackson and Hattiesburg, Mississippi for two more TWSPs that will focus on the topic “What’s Ahead for America?” It is very inspiring to see God’s people working together to make these presentations possible. Mr. Mario Hernandez left yesterday to visit members and congregations in South America. Thank you for your prayers and support for God’s Work and these Special Presentations—they are needed and appreciated. Please remember to pray fervently that God will intervene for many of our brethren who are facing trials and serious health problems.

So, the weekend of March 27th was a record for both UCG and LCG telecasts.

It may be of interest to note that UCG has indicated that it plans to have something like LCG’s TWSPs later this year.

As far as television goes, LCG seems to have the greatest COG presence on television.  PCG is probably second, UCG now probably third, and ICG is probably fourth.  The other COGs do not have a significant television presence to the best of my knowledge.

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