TW Telecast Gets 5000 Responses!

Dr. Meredith and I in his office (January 2008)


LCG’s Wayne Pyle reported about Roderick C. Meredith’s telecast titled Overcoming Satan:

Wow, wow, WOW! A number of factors came together last weekend to make last week’s response the highest ever for a Tomorrow’s World telecast. Three new TV stations began airing, plus BET aired two times. The biggest factor, of course, was the program itself: program #318, “Overcoming Satan,” which offered the booklet Twelve Keys to Answered Prayer. The two previous airings earlier this year had both produced 4,000-plus responses. The first airing back in February generated 4,889 replies, and the second airing in April brought in 4,375 responses. But this weekend’s third airing of program #318 shattered all previous response records—making this week’s telecast the third time ever for a Tomorrow’s World program to break the 5,000-barrier…. we are expecting the week to end with well over 5,100 responses.

LCG has the most effective and extensive television reach of any COG.  BET is just starting to air the Tomorrow’s World telecast regularly and I expect that the reponses will continue to rise for a while.

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