UCG Announces New Site

In his latest home office update, UCG’s President Clyde Kilough announced:

New Web Site and Church News ProgramI am happy to announce that we are launching two new tools that will improve our ability to communicate to the entire Church.First, we are launching a new Web site specifically for members of the United Church of God – members.ucg.org. This will help us make our Web site, UCG.org, a better “first contact” tool for the general public and give us a new location to post items that are truly more appropriate and applicable to the Church membership. This new Web site will provide a central location for Church news/announcements and an event calendar, provide biblical resources and make it easier for members to find important information. The members’ Web site will continue to be developed and enhanced with new material over the next few months, and we know you will want to visit it often in order to stay connected with what is happening in the Church.Second, the main feature on this members’ site will be a regular, online news-of-the-work video entitled, About Our Father’s Business. We announced before the Feast that we would be revising our Compass Check presentation, which had simply been a video of the home office staff meeting. About Our Father’s Business, which will be produced weekly in the media center studio beginning Thursday, Nov. 1, will be aimed specifically at all Church members around the world. It will consist of home office and general Church news, announcements, interviews, brief biblically based messages and anything else of a timely nature. Since it is directed to the Church, and not the general public, it will be aired on the new member Web site mentioned above.

All you need to do to stay connected with the news and work of the United Church of God and to watch the weekly video About Our Father’s Business, is type in this Web address:  members.ucg.org

Source: http://www.ucgcincinnati.org/info/HomeOfficeUpdate.rtf

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