Update on CEM’s Ron Dart


Dixon Cartwright of The Journal advised me where I get more information on CEM’s Ron Dart.  Apparently he is supposed to have a trachiotomy today:

April 13, 2010

Posted by Skip Martin on the Caringbridge site:

9:50 PM:

The late afternoon visit with Ron was very uplifting. Allie and Larry were both encouraged. Ron was awake and aware of their presence for the first ten or so minutes. Larry asked him to raise his right hand, and he held it up. Then, he got a little tired and drifted off to sleep. He still had some of the sedatives in his system.

They plan to perform a trachiotomy tomorrow. This is standard procedure for the treatment Ron is receiving.

All in all, this visit was very encouraging.

I was not aware that his situation was to that point.

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