CEM’s Ron Dart Injured


Dixon Cartwright sent me the following about CEM’s Ronald Dart:

Posted by Skip Martin:
Ron tripped and fell last night.  He hit his head on their bookshelves, and bled a lot.  (He is on a blood thinner.)  They were at the ER until about 2:00 AM this morning.
This afternoon, Allie told me that he was less lucid this afternoon than this morning, so she took him to the hospital.  I talked to Larry around 9:30, and they were about to transfer him to the East Texas Neuro-ICU.  The neurosurgeon will make a decision about brain bleeding, pressure, etc, and determine whether there is pressure that needs to be relieved.  I will let you know more as I find out.
Please pray for his health, and for Allie.
I talked to Allie about 9:45, and they had just wheeled him back for tests.

He was also injured in last year or so if my memory serves me correctly.

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