COGwriter: News Updated Every 10 Minutes


Although the focus of this Church of God News page is of course, news of interest to those who have interest in the various COGs (Churches of God), world news is also of importance to many who visit this page.

And although I sometimes post world news items, they are mostly only posted if they are somehow related to prophecy, doctrine, or other biblical matters.

Since there is a lot going on in world news, and it is not possible for me to update this page manually every time an item of significance is reported, there now is a new world news feature at this Church of God News page.

On the right side of this page, below the links, is a heading for World News.  Below this heading should be five world news items.  This section has been programmed to update every ten minutes.  So, world news should be automatically updated on this Church of God News page every ten minutes. (Note: If there are no new stories of popular interest after ten minutes, the initial stories remain until later.)

Some news items will parallel or add more information related to news items I post here.  Others will be other items that you may find of interest.  And of course, many will not be necessarily relevant (this website does not have any type of filter to prevent various fluff or odd news items from appearing).

My son Michael (who came up with it) and I hope you find this new feature of use.

You can also go to his World News page, which has even more world news and is at the following link

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