Secrets of COGwriter

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Throughout the fourteen years I have been writing religious items on the internet, many have asked how do I do it (especially since I have a job, family, etc.).  Today, I plan to reveal some “secrets” to this web page.

The COGwriter page did not have much in the way of world news until about five years ago.  Prior to that time it was mainly news of the various Churches of God.  For that, I mainly was on the mailing list of many groups and since I am a fairly fast skim reader, kept up that way.  Additionally, because of the popularity of the COGwriter website, some sent me emails and other information that helped (and this still happens, including for world news–I have one really good source for this out of Georgia).

But for world news, church history, etc., there are a few “secrets” that I would like to share today’

The first is that our son Michael is very internet savvy.   He developed a multiple search engine, called Multiz that I use several times per day.  It allows me to use different search engines, if need be, for research.  Without the various links and tools within Multiz it would not have been possible for me to do much of what I now do.

Multiz also has a foreign language translator ( Translator) which allows me to translate various languages into English.  In the past couple of months, I have probably used it mainly to translate German into English.

Multiz has a news search feature.  Many mornings, I simply go to the News Search link and then hit the “Enter” key.  Many news stories will come up, and sometimes I will pick one of them to comment on.  Furthermore, if I actually type in a word to search such as “China” it will bring up news items related to that–which I often will select.

Also, in the right column of the COGwriter news page are headlines of news stories.  I look at them for news ideas.  Also, since this section refreshes frequently, I will use the refresh button on my computer to see if some new news items have been reported.

If I am doing historical research, Multiz has a research link (Research).  This link also has direct link into Google Books, called Google Print.  Within this, I can type in words and search tens of thousands of books to see much of what published historically on a subject.  This is a great tool for a researcher.  I also use other research tools at the Research page.

Also, I try to understand news in the light of the Bible.  Most news people are not as grounded that way.

Additionally, since the Bible teaches “in the multitude of counselors there is safety” (Proverbs 11:14) I regularly consult with at least seven in the upper to top ministry of the Living Church of God.

The biggest “secret” of COGwriter is probably that I pray that God’s will will be done and that He will guide me through His Holy Spirit in both subject matter and content.

So, the “secrets of COGwriter” are now exposed.

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