Barack Obama in Brazil

Dilma Rousseff


US President Barack Obama is in Brazil:

Obama, Juggling Crises, Arrives in Brazil

New York Times – Jackie Calmes, Alexei Barrionuevo – ‎19 March 2011

BRASILIA, Brazil — President Obama and his family arrived here on Saturday morning for his first trip to South America…Mr. Obama’s visit had also been billed as way for him to connect with Latin Americans, especially in Brazil, a multi-racial society where he has been wildly popular since his presidential campaign…

The Brazilians under the new presidency of Dilma Rousseff, its first female president, are eager to build closer economic and political ties to the Obama administration, though their occasional differences on the international stage were reflected on Thursday night, when Brazil was one of five nations to abstain in the vote of the United Nations Security Council to authorize force against Libya.

The Obama administration from the start has described the trip, especially its Brazil leg, in terms of its potential job-creating benefits for the United States — in keeping with Mr. Obama’s main domestic theme.

Some in the USA press have criticized Barack Obama for going on the trip at this time, but in my view, since he promised to go now, it is not inappropriate for him to be there as he promised.

There exists certain legal connections between those of Portugal and Brazil which ties those nations relatively closely.

While Brazilians are often of mixed ethnicity, Brazil is believed to have a significant Jewish influence as well (see Jewish Heritage of Brazil).

But essentially, the Latin American nations are primarily made up of Gentile-descended peoples. During the prophesied “time of the Gentiles” the Gentile-descended nations, and not the Anglo-descended ones, will rule the earth (more information on that can be found in the article Can the Great Tribulation Begin in 2011, 2012, or 2013?).

While the USA wants closer ties with the emerging power of Brazil, consistent with biblical prophecy, and for reasons of religion, language, and culture, I believe Brazil will become a closer ally of the rising European power.

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