Brazil to Have Nuclear Submarine in 2016

Upper “Sail” of French Nuclear Submarine Casabianca


In 2008, I reported that Brazil was interested in acquiring nuclear submarines (see Brazil Acquiring French Arms), now it is getting closer:

Brazil to build nuclear submarines which will dramatically alter balance of power in South America

Daily Mail, UK – July 17, 2011

The Brazilian government has started work on a submarine programme which will include the construction of South America’s first nuclear subs.

The move will boost Brazil’s claim to be the strongest force in the region, and strengthen the country’s military assertiveness…The first, being built in collaboration with a French contractor, is due to come into service in 2016

The acquisition of a French a nuclear submarine by Brazil shows that the nation is clearly emerging on the world scene to be more than simply a supplier of natural resources and some manufactured goods.  It also plans to build its own nuclear submarines with some technical assistance from France.  While some believe that this is partially to deal with issues like the Falkland Islands (and that may also be so), the reality is that I do not believe that Brazil has liked some of the comments that have come out of Venezuela over the past few years and it wants all the South American nations to understand that Brazil is the strongest power in South America.

Now, this new deal seems to indicate that at least some of Brazil’s future leading-edge military technology is to come from Europe. But I also suspect that because of its manufacturing abilities that Brazil ultimately may sell some military hardware to Europe in a few years.

Brazil is one of the so-called BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, China, and India).  And although sometimes grouped with the Asian powers, culturally, Brazil would seem to be much more European than Russian, Indian, and/or Chinese based upon what I have read.   Since there are many from Europe who live in Brazil, and because of the religious connections to Catholicism, even if Brazil sometimes politically 7 economically agrees with the Asians, I believe that it will end up closer to the Europeans.

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