Navies of Russia, China, & India

This is a July 2004 file photo of the Admiral Chabanenko, Russian anti-submarine destroyer.


Russia, China, and India are now cooperating much more apparently in the development of their naval capabilities:

Three navies building aircraft carriers
UPI – Dec 12, 2008
Russia, India and China will be building aircraft carriers for their navies almost simultaneously over the next five years or so, using many of the same design concepts, technologies and equipment. This is unprecedented in the history of shipbuilding. The three countries are currently enjoying healthy political relations, smoothing the way for Russia’s continued military cooperation with both China and India with regard to aircraft carrier technologies.

Furthermore, Russia wants to support India with nuclear submarines and military helicopters:

Russia Confirms Talks to India About Leasing Subs
Defense News – Dec 17, 2008

Russia is ready to lease several Shchuka-B class (NATO codename Akula) nuclear submarines to India, the director of the Russian Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation said Dec. 15.

“Yes, there is a true possibility to lease to India for 10 years several of our submarines with nuclear reactors of the same class and project like Nerpa submarine that had the accident aboard in November in the Sea of Japan,” Mikhail Dmitriyev told ITAR-TASS news agency.

President Dmitry Medvedev put an end to the controversy in his interview to the Indian journalists before his visit to India on Dec. 4, saying that Russia will lease the nuclear-powered submarine to the Indian Navy…

Dmitriyev’s latest remarks refer to several submarines.

Dmitriyev also said that the Indian military will buy 80 Mi-17 multipurpose helicopters within the next two to three years for $1.5 billion. The contract, which also includes training of pilots, was signed on Dec. 5, during Medvedev’s visit to India.

For quite some time I have been telling readers of this page that we would see more military cooperation between Russia, China, and India.  Japan, and other Asian powers, will also probably also support this eventually.

The “kings of the East” must come together and ultimately provide the 200,000,000 man army that the Book of Revelation discusses (Revelation 9:13-20).

And even now, their militaries are seeking closer ties.  Though the end is not yet, events certainly are lining up for the fulfillment of many biblical prophecies.

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