Britain Considering the Euro?

Europa Woman Riding the Beast Coin
Greek 2 Euro Coin Shows the Woman (Europa) Riding the Beast


It seems that desperate times do get peoples and governments to consider desperate measures.  Notice what some in the United Kingdom are apparently considering:

Pound’s Slide Pulls Britain Closer to Euro

Deutsche Welle – Dec 20, 2008
As planeloads of European tourists roam London looking for cheap Christmas deals, the Labour government of Gordon Brown is keeping a stiff upper lip over the British pound’s relentless slide towards parity with the euro.

“We have never had a policy of targeting the pound,” Yvette Cooper, a cabinet minister and close adviser of Brown told journalists curtly…

The sterling, which this week hit a record-low exchange rate of 1.05 against the euro, has lost a quarter of its value against both the euro and the US dollar since the summer.

Analysts predict that parity could be reached against the euro zone currency early in the new year…

To join, or not to join

However, the British currency’s decline has, inevitably, reignited the debate about whether or not Britain should adopt the euro.

Speculation was fuelled by EU chief Jose Manuel Barroso who said recently that Britain was now “closer to the euro than ever before.”

“I’m not going to break the confidentiality of certain conversations, but some British politicians have already told me, ‘If we had the euro, we would have been better off’,” Barroso said in an interview with French radio.

His remarks provoked an angry response from Downing Street. “Our position on the euro is the same. We have no plans to join the euro,” a statement said.

Officials have revealed that Brown, who is a long-standing opponent of introducing the euro in Britain, had made it clear to ministers that he would “not tolerate” a debate on the euro at present.

“Officially, the euro debate is off the agenda, but unofficially, it’s in the anteroom,” said leading British economist Will Hutton.,,3887147,00.html

More nations want the euro as their currency
USA Today – Dec 21, 2008

LONDON — The euro is the Miss Congeniality of world currencies right now.

Icelanders are clamoring to adopt it. Danes and Swedes are having second thoughts about snubbing it in the past. The Poles and Hungarians are accelerating plans to make the euro their money.

Even in Britain, which has held to the pound with bulldog-like ferocity, there’s talk of possibly joining the euro.

These countries’ stand-alone currencies have been so buffeted by a global financial meltdown and recession in recent weeks that long-standing opposition to joining with the 15 other European countries that use the euro is dissipating.

“People in these countries have less confidence in their currencies than they do in the euro or the dollar now,” says Ralf Wiegert, senior economist at economic analysis firm IHS Global Insight in Frankfurt, Germany.

The U.S. dollar is an unlikely substitute for their own money, Wiegert says, so they’re looking for the next most stable and adoptable currency that investors won’t run from or currency speculators won’t attack. That’s the euro. Many of these countries had been doing just fine economically without the euro and have rejected joining the “eurozone” bloc of countries that use it.

The financial crisis of recent weeks has changed that — perhaps nowhere more dramatically than in Iceland.

For many reasons, I do not believe that the UK will adopt the Euro, but there is always a small chance that it might.  I suspect, however, that it will end up working closer with the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, and less ultimately with the European Union.

European Union Tower of Babel Poster

The above poster was produced by the Europeans over a decade ago. It may be of interest to note that the above inverted stars are pentagrams, a satanic symbol. The poster tower was based upon a painting of the Tower of Babel by a European, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, in 1563.

Of course, Europe with its history and symbols shows that it is the emerging Babylonian Beast power that the Bible warns against.

Britain and the rest of the world needs to be concerned about what that Babylonian power will do.

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