Japan and India Improving Military Ties; Some Japanese Want Nuclear Weapons

Japanese Ministry of Defense (本屋)


India and Japan are apparently getting so concerned about China that they conducted joint naval exercises:

As China Eyes Indian Ocean, Japan and India Pair Up on Defense

For two days last month, ships from the Indian and Japanese naval forces held joint military exercises in waters off Tokyo. By military standards, the exercises were small in scale. But they were heavy with symbolism and brought to light another facet of the growing relationship between the two countries — defense.


The Bible tells that the “kings of the sunrise” (Revelation 16:12, literal translation) will some day cooperate.  Having Japan and India cooperate now may be a step in that direction.  And even though fear of China is a major motivator, they will likely later cooperate with China in fulfillment of certain biblical prophecies (cf. Revelation 9:13-20; 16:12).

As far as Japan goes, some there are now willing to overlook the problems with the nuclear power plant disaster from last year’s tsunami and earthquakes, as well as its historical aversion to nuclear weapons because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in order to get the weapons for themselves:

Support for nuclear bomb gets louder in Japan

August 1, 2012

TOKYO: A contentious debate over nuclear power in Japan is also bringing another question out of the shadows: Should Japan keep open the possibility of making nuclear weapons? It may seem surprising in the only country devastated by atomic bombs, particularly as it marks the 67th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima on August 6 and Nagasaki three days later…As Japan weighs whether to phase out nuclear power, some conservatives, including some influential politicians and thinkers, are becoming more vocal about their belief that Japan should have at least the ability to make nuclear weapons.

Since India already has nuclear weapons, it is possible that India may cooperate with Japan in this area as well.

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