Japan Moving Closer to India and China and Further From USA

Tokyo, Japan


The government of Japan is taking steps to get closer to India:

India and Japan: Strengthening Defence Co-operation
Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses – Dec 22, 2009
by Rajaram Panda  [IDSA is funded by the Indian Ministry of Defence.]

The government of Japan is taking steps to get closer to China:

Japan’s Risky Rapprochement With China
Tokyo’s embrace of Beijing could jeopardize Japan’s security relationship with the U.S.
Wall Street Journal – Dec 21, 2009

These steps are likely to move Japan further away from the USA.  This is consistent with a report here when Japan changed its government (see Japan Changed Government).

And these steps are consistent with biblical prophecy that suggests that Japan, India, China, and other Asian nations (like Korea) will ultimately cooperate militarily.

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