Europe’s 2012 Satellites a Concern

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While regular readers of this page are aware that the USA is going to be partially dependent upon Europe’s Galileo satellite “GPS” in a few years, there is another aspect of Europe’s satellite capabilities to report:

Swarm satellite mission to try to sense ocean magnetism

BBC – Dec 17, 2010

European scientists are going to try to measure the movement of the oceans by tracing their magnetism alone.

The effort will be achieved using three super-sensitive spacecraft called Swarm, which should launch in 2012.

A reader of this page, along with the above, sent the following:

“There are a variety of military applications for magnetometers. These include magnetic anomaly detectors for sensing submerged submarines from aircraft, unmanned remote detectors of the metal of vehicles and personnel”

“A magnetic anomaly detector (MAD) is an instrument used to detect minute variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. The term refers specifically to magnetometers used either by military forces to detect submarines (a mass of ferromagnetic material creates a detectable disturbance in the magnetic field)  Magnetic anomaly detectors were first employed to detect submarines during World War II. MAD gear was used by both Japanese and U.S. anti-submarine forces, either towed by ship or mounted in aircraft to detect shallow submerged enemy submarines. After the war, the U.S. Navy continued to develop MAD gear as a parallel development with sonar detection technologies.” source:

The Bible clearly warns:

3…And all the world marveled and followed the beast. 4 So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”  (Revelation 13:3-4)

Europe is developing what seem to be somewhat unique military capabilities.  As I have written many times in the past, the Large Hadron Collider may also spin off military capabilities to help fulfill Revelation 13:4.

Thus, although most consider that the USA is the top military power and that Europe has no major military capabilities, this seems to be changing.  And it will change for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.  The Bible teaches that the final King of the North will go against the “strongest fortresses” (Daniel 11:39).  The nation with the strongest fortresses currently is the USA.  Those who do not yet have my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect may find it of interest as it goes into these subjects (especially the formation of the European Beast power and the destruction of the USA in much more prophetic detail).

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