Brazil’s Economic Recovery

Brasilia, Brazil


While many are looking to the USA to lead the world out of its economic slump, it may be that Brazil will help do that instead:

Brazil’s Economy Is Making ‘Sound’ Recovery, Meirelles Says

By Laura Price and Marta Marino

Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) — Brazil’s economy is making a “sound” recovery from the global financial slump as domestic demand for goods rises and access to credit returns, central bank President Henrique Meirelles said.

“The Brazilian economy is already on the recovery path, led by domestic demand,” Meirelles said in a Bloomberg Television interview today. “All the leading indicators show a sound recovery, and that is led by employment, income and domestic demand.”

Meirelles, who was in London to meet with other Group of 20 finance heads, said Brazil’s economy is recovering faster than most other countries as economic stimulus measures take effect.

“The recovery is gradual but faster than most of the other countries,” Meirelles said. “Since the measures were taken to address questions such as contraction of credit lines, the recovery tends to happen faster.”

Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega yesterday said the country’s gross domestic product grew 1.8 percent to 2 percent in the second quarter compared with the first. Official GDP numbers will be released Sept. 11.

The Economist Decides to Teach Brazil and Lula a Few Lessons

Written by Pedro de Oliveira
Saturday, 05 September 2009…In the editorial, the magazine conveys the idea that Brazilians, and particularly Lula – are living a key moment in their history – when the “giant asleep” is mentioned as one of the five or six world countries with protagonist roles into the 21st century. The Economists states that no summit meeting happening in the world today would do without the presence of Brazil and of Lula. After all, says the magazine, “he’s the man”, said Barack Obama at a G-20 meeting, while Fidel Castro referred to the Brazilian President as “my brother Lula.”This privileged status is debited by the magazine to the economic “stabilization” period put in practice by Lula and – amazing – by his predecessor, Fernando Henrique Cardoso. The editors forget that FHC left the country in 2002 at the brink of an economic abyss.”Brazil was, among the ten main economies in the planet, the last one to enter the recession and rises now as one of the first to come out of it“… says the editorial, which goes on to remind us that it was Goldman Sachs who characterized the group formed by Brazil, Russia, India and China as the BRIC which, according to them, will dominate the world around 2050. At the time, reminds the magazine, there were those who doubted that Brazil would have the muscle to join such a group.

Most people in North America simply do not realize that Brazil has natural resources (and now also oil), agriculture, and manufacturing might.  And relatively little debt.  It also could in a few short years not need ANY oil (though now that it has found a lot of its own, it will likely use some of it, and sell the rest).

While Brazil will have economic ups and downs (and its current president is term limited out so a new one will come fairly soon), the reality is that a new economic order is starting to arise on the world scene and Brazil will likely align with the player that will seem to be the strongest one economically.  And I believe that Bible prophecy indicates that it will most likely align with the emerging European power.

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