UK not the ‘independent’ nuclear power some believe as problems with its Trident submarines help demonstrate

HMS Vanguard Trident Submarine


A reader sent me the following:

Don’t tell Moscow: Five of Britain’s six nuclear subs held up in the repair shed

BRITAIN has just one nuclear-powered submarine on active patrol, after defects and routine repairs left the remainder of the fleet in port.

Trident nuclear submarines to be moved to Gibraltar amid SNP threat

GIBRALTAR has been earmarked as a possible base for Britain’s Vanguard nuclear submarines if the SNP ­succeeds in ridding Scotland of Trident
The move would prove more politically palatable than other UK mainland options such as Falmouth.
Trident debate: There are 16,000 nuclear missiles in the world – but who has them, and does Britain really need its own arsenal?

Located across 14 countries at some 98 sites, roughly 10,000 are believed to be in military arsenals while the remaining are in storage and scheduled for dismantlement.Of those 10,000, about 4,000 are described by the Bulletin as “operationally available”, while at any given time 1,800 nuclear weapons are held on high alert – meaning they can be deployed with just a few minutes’ notice.The UK has about 215 warheads in total, though it relies heavily on the US to maintain them. Each of its four nuclear submarines carries 16 Trident missiles at any given time.

France has 300 warheads, some of which are deliverable by aircraft. Like the UK, it has one nuclear-armed submarine on patrol at all times.

China only has about 250 warheads, and none of them are thought to be fully deployed according to the FAS. China is believed to be in the process of increasing its arsenal.

The most recent update on Israel suggests it has 80 nuclear warheads, though the country officially neither confirms nor denies their existence. The FAS says Pakistan has around 100-120, India 90-110, and North Korea fewer than 10, none of which have been made operational….

Its headline discovery was that Trident isn’t really that independent at all – if the US were to ever remove its support and know-how, the UK’s nuclear capability would collapse in a matter of months. Full article at:—but-who-has-them-and-does-britain-really-need-its-own-arsenal-10164387.html

(The SNP is the Scottish National Party.  There is an election in the UK scheduled for May 7.)

The reports about the Tridents suggest what almost everyone already knows: the United Kingdom is not as ‘great’ as it once was.  It is now almost totally dependent upon the USA for its military defense.  This will prove to one of many problems for the UK in the future.

Britannia no longer rules the waves–yet a worse fate will come to it than that.

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