EU Economic Prospects Appearing Better than USA’s

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Is Europe out or rising?

Europe’s prospects brighten as U.S. fades
Reuters – July 25, 2010
What’s odd about this scenario? German business confidence is soaring while U.S. consumer sentiment sinks.

Europe has a larger population and a larger economy than the USA.  It has major economic potential and some (in and out of the EU) are starting to see this.  And while the American experiment is not over yet, consumer sentiment in many parts of the USA (including here in Southern California) is down.

Europe will still have ups and downs.  Some of the downs will cause people to doubt that it can hold together.  But this lack of cohesion among the Europeans was predicted thousands of years ago in the Bible (Daniel 2:41-43).

Also predicted, was the destruction of the holder of the strongest fortresses (the strongest appearing military, apparently the USA and its Anglo-descended allies) in the world by a European leader (Daniel 11:39) known as the King of the North (Daniel 11:40).  And the taking over over the lands of the strongest fortresses by the King of the North was also prophesied to further prosper the King of the North and his allies (Daniel 11:39).

But while the final European Empire is prophesied to prosper in the last days, this prosperity will also end after a few years (Revelation 18).  Nor will it become a benevolent power during the last 3 1/2 years of its existence (though it starts out believing it is not hostile, cf. Isaiah 10:7).

But world events are aligning for all of this to happen.  And it is happening right before our eyes.

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