EU Makes Trade Deal With Central America

Antigua, Guatemala


The EU continues to work to expand its economic influence.

EU, Central American states reach trade deal

Madrid May 18, 2010

Reporting by Bate Felix; Editing by Matthew Jones

(Reuters) – The European Union and Central American states reached an agreement on Tuesday to liberalize trade and cut import tariffs…

The EU and Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua began trade negotiations in 2007…

The European Union is Central America’s largest trading partner after the United States. Trade between the blocs stood at nearly 10 billion euros ($12.32 billion) in 2009.

Central American states export mostly agricultural products such as coffee, bananas and other fruits to the EU and import machinery, chemicals, vehicles and fuels from Europe.

While the USA still has closer geographic ties to Central America, it does not have closer cultural ties.  And while there will always be differences between Europe and Central America, once religious fervor affects Europe once again, Central America will tend to side with Europe and not the USA.

This trade deal will simply help make this a reality as it will make it easier when the two sides decide that they have closer cultural ties.  Since Europe seems to need immigration and the USA is trying to reduce it, this may also be a factor.

Ultimately, the Bible shows that the final European power will control much of the international economy (Revelation 13:16-17; Revelation 18) and that many will prosper because of it.  And this will include some within Latin America, including Central America.

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