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China’s military ambition fuels Asian arms race

China’s growing military ambition, matched only by its growing military spending, is fuelling a rapid Asian arms race.

Beijing deploys the world’s biggest army, its defence spending is rising faster than any other power and, to cap it all, its forces will this month carry out their first spacewalk.

With India, Japan and Russia also investing heavily in defence, a new Asian arms race is under way. According to official figures, Beijing’s military budget this year is 418 billion yuan – £35 billion – a rise of 17.8 per cent on 2007. This already exceeds Britain’s defence budget of £34 billion and places China’s military spending second only to the US.

According to figures from Jane’s, the military specialists, it has risen by 178 per cent in the past seven years, even after adjusting for inflation. At this rate, China will spend £180 billion – half of the Pentagon’s current budget and five times Britain’s – by 2020.

Analysis: European military budgets still far surpass China and India

The growth military might of China and India has undoubtedly been rapid in the last decade, but their defence budgets still fall short of the combined total of Europe’s leading military powers.

Telegraph – Sept 14, 2008

Europe’s top five defence spenders have an annual budget of £120 billion, compared to China’s £35 billion and India’s £15 billion.

It should perhaps be noted that India and China made a military pact earlier this year (see China and India Agree to Military Pact: A Prelude to the 200 Million Man Army of Revelation?).

And even though China intends to spend more on its military, the EU intends to spend much more than its military than it currently does.

Additionally, Russia just announced that it intends to increase its military spending by 25%.

Eventually, the military spending of nations other than the USA will greatly impact the USA’s current status as the almost unchallenged super-power.  A highly indebted nation like the USA cannot expect to be on top forever–and indeed will not be.

And prophecy shows that ultimately a King of the North (apparently from Europe) will over-power the USA and its Anglo-Allies.

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