How Can Europe Defeat the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand?

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This morning, I received an email that  asked (the rest that follows these two questions was my response):
How is Europe, Germany in particular, going to defeat the US, Britain, Canada etc. with the weapons they now have? I don’t doubt it will happen, but  in your opinion I would like to know how. Other than France, does any country in Europe have nuclear weapons?
While we do not know all the details, Jesus repeatedly told His followers to watch (Mark 13:33-37).  And I believe that this means looking at world events in the light on Bible prophecy.  Here are some facts and conjecture to consider:
  1. The Europeans have the Large Hadron Collider which will likely enable them to develop unique military capabilities to fulfill Revelation 13:3-4.  This is the leading physics project in the entire world and leading-edge military weaponry tends to come out of such projects.
  2. Starting in 2013, the Europeans intend to implement their own Galileo “GPS” system for military applications.  This will give the Europeans something that I believe only the USA, Russia, and China now have–an independent targeting and tracking system.
  3. The US GAO announced in May 2009, that the USA may need to rely partially on the European system next decade as its own GPS is deteriorating.  Other reports have claimed that even the replacement units have problems.  If Europe was to launch a surprise attack (which having Galileo would facilitate), it could interfere with USA military communications and weaponry, thus greatly impeded the highly technical USA military from having a quick ability to respond
  4. It is my understanding that there are US nuclear weapons in the Netherlands, Germany, and elsewhere that are under European control.  The Europeans would likely launch some of them (as well as perhaps French ones) against the USA (probably from aircraft).
  5. The USA and UK are reducing their own nuclear weapons.  Most in the UK want to eliminate them.  Reportedly “a survey by ICM for the Guardian newspaper suggested, and 54 per cent of those questioned wanted the UK’s nuclear weapons axed entirely” (Majority ‘want Trident nuclear missiles scrapped’. Telegraph – July 14, 2009 ).
  6. The USA has stated that it will buy less new advanced weaponry for budget reasons.
  7. The Europeans have stated that they will increase their military spending.
  8. The Bible tells of a time where the King of the North will make a deal with the King of the South (cf. Daniel 11:27; Psalm 83) in order to destroy Israel (which for this purpose seems to be the USA, UK, the nation of Israel, etc.).
  9. The Europeans have long tended to use surprise (blitzkrieg was the term in WWII) to start invasions.
  10. Natural disasters, economic problems, and other woes (like pestilences, disease epidemics, food shortages, cf. Matthew 24:7) will likely weaken the USA and its Anglo-allies even more and make them more vulnerable to attack.
  11. The fact that the USA has the highest total debt of any nation and the UK may have the highest per capita debt means that they will likely fulfill Habakkuk 2:6-7, “Woe to him who increases What is not his–how long? And to him who loads himself with many pledges’? Will not your creditors rise up suddenly? Will they not awaken who oppress you? And you will become their booty.” This will mean that there will be international support for the attack and some other nations may support the Europeans.  The USA and UK eventually (probably next decade) run out of the ability to increase their debt.
  12. I believe that a combination of terrorist attacks (by the King of the South), combined with a surprise attack (possibly due to a joint NATO exercise in North America), ethnic & civil issues, and possibly ground troops from south of the USA border, will possibly be how the attack will start.  Essentially delivering a “knock-out punch” as this is a scenario that the USA military simply will not have planned for.  For a short while, I think the USA military will be confused as to who the enemy actually is.  That will give the Europeans enough time to win relatively quickly.
In my view, all of that shows how the rising European Beast power will have the ability to take over the USA and UK, possibly some time next decade.  And since this is consistent with Bible prophecy, many of the items are listed are likely to be factors.

It is also likely that some in Asia (China in particular) may also be involved in ultimately taking possession of some or all of Australia and New Zealand that it may obtain because of a deal with the Europeans (one news item that hints of of increased Sino-European cooperation would be EU to Work Closer With China).

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