Iran nuclear talks reaching ‘deadline;’ Russia a concern

Nuclear facilities in Iran (Ta2aa)


Another set of meetings between Iran, the USA, and others related to Iran’s nuclear program are intended to possibly result in a deal before a deadline scheduled for next week:

November 17, 2014

LONDON—Iranian and international negotiators convene in Vienna Tuesday for a final push to try to reach agreement on Iran’s nuclear program by the November 24 deadline.The issues are largely the same as they have been for more than a year, and the implications of not reaching a deal are potentially as dire as everScenes like these from past rounds of talks will play out again in front of the television cameras. Then, the negotiators will close the doors to debate how many centrifuges Iran will retain capable of enriching uranium that can be used to build a nuclear weapon, what sort of inspections will be allowed, and how quickly economic sanctions will be lifted.Jane Kinninmont, deputy head of the Middle East Program at London’s Chatham House, says “there is a great deal of seriousness on both sides to come up with some sort of deal.”

She says although seven nations are involved, it mainly comes down to the United States and Iran.

“There is an interest on the part of both presidents in making a deal, and the feeling that if this opportunity is missed, they won’t see a similar opportunity in their lifetime,” she said.

Still, China and Russia are also at the negotiating table. They have presented a solid front with U.S. and European negotiators, but Russia, in particular, has a somewhat different view of Iran than the others. And its policy is a concern for the West, especially in light of its new, more aggressive policy in Europe.

“Russia wants to have its alliance with Iran, but it doesn’t have a particular interest in seeing Iran really become a nuclear weapons power or become a much more independent actor,” said Kinninmont.

She says the deal Russia just signed with Iran to reprocess its used nuclear fuel could help pave the way for an agreement. But Anoush Ehteshami, director of the international program at Durham University says it also raises concerns.

“Is Russia unilaterally deriving deals that could provide Iran with ‘get out’ clauses outside of the negotiations that are happening with the P5+1? asked Ehteshami. “And for that, I don’t have an answer yet because this is still far too fresh.”

More important for the coming round of negotiations is whether the sides can bridge the remaining gaps and then convince skeptics in their own governments to accept their compromises. Professor Ehteshami says in spite of the sometimes harsh rhetoric coming out of Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani will be able to do that.

“The negotiating team has a mandate from the people. They have given President Rouhani the mandate to see through this difficult phase,” said Ehteshami. “And his mandate was, his platform was, to end Iran’s isolation and to open it up to the world.  The only way Iran can do that is to bring closure to the nuclear crisis.”

The consequences of not doing that would be grave for Iran’s economy, hit by sanctions and low oil prices, and could potentially lead to military strikes on its nuclear facilities. That all adds to the urgency of reaching an agreement, but does not make it any easier.

Russia is interesting and the West would need to give Vladimir Putin reasons to not support Iran.  Earlier today, it was announced that the European Union would impose sanctions on the separatists in Ukraine, and not additional ones on Russia:

November 17, 2014

PARIS—The European Union has imposed fresh sanctions on Ukrainian separatists, but is holding back on new sanctions against Russia.  Decision by EU foreign ministers taken amid deepening tensions between the West and Russia.

European foreign ministers meeting in Brussels agreed to target more Ukrainian separatists for travel bans and asset freezes.  But they are divided over whether to toughen sanctions against Moscow.

The United States and the European Union have already imposed several rounds of sanctions against Russia for its role in the conflict in Ukraine.

The new EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, says if the conditions are right, she will visit Moscow for talks on how to end the standoff. …

“Russia is for sure part of the problem, but is also part of the solution, of the possible solution to the crisis.  How to engage in a dialogue between Kyiv and Moscow, between Kyiv and the east of the Ukraine, between the European Union and Russia – not only on Ukraine but also on a wide series of global regional issues,” said Mogherini.

Part of the reason for not including Russia is probably to encourage Russia to cooperate on various matters, as well as to not discourage it enough that it feels it needs to takeover Ukraine.  Right now, Russia and Syria support Iran, and all three have indicated that they oppose the Islamic State–a group that USA President Barack Obama stated he was committed to fighting.  He may decide he needs the cooperation of Iran, Russia, and/or Syria on that.

Politics in the world is often messy.

As far as the situation with Iran goes, notice something I warned about the current ‘deal’ on November 24, 2013:

What this deal really does is give Iran some economic relief and time to upgrade its technology, while it agrees to get rid of some of its underdeveloped nuclear waste and centrifuges. This, in theory at least, will give Iran more money and more time to work on its nuclear technology, (Iran makes nuclear deal that Obama praises: Israel and Saudi Arabia are not pleased)

A week later I posted:

An ‘interim’ deal is in place that apparently will allow Iran to tap into some of its foreign bank accounts and/or lift some of the economic sanctions against it. The deal will mean that Iran will give up some of its older nuclear centrifuges and enriched uranium. And if you believe Iran and the USA government, it also means that Iran will not be developing nuclear weapons at this time. In my view, this agreement will allow Iran to continue to perfect its technology so that it will be better able to produce nuclear weapons over time. (BibleNewsProphecy: Iran in Prophecy)

Iran has announced having more new nuclear centrifuges since then. Evidence has also come out that its nuclear intentions have not clearly been entirely peaceful (see Iranian report suggests Iran has wanted nuclear weapons because of the mystical 12th Imam).

Nuclear centrifuges, which Iran keeps trying to perfect (see Iran boasts of new nuclear centrifuges), basically help enrich uranium to the point that it can be used to develop nuclear energy or nuclear bombs. It is not necessary to substantially enrich uranium for peaceful nuclear power purposes. While Iran is publicly claiming their intentions are peaceful, many believe that its real goal is to produce nuclear weapons, hence improved centrifuges will give it a better ability to make weapons.

The new intended deal may promise, but likely not insure, that Iran will not be able to use any to produce weapons grade uranium. Since Iran is NOT really south of Jerusalem it will not be the final King of the South of Bible prophecy (cf. Daniel 11:40-43). Because of that, I have tended to believe that Iran may somehow get “neutralized” before this final king rises up. Using nuclear materials for nuclear or ‘dirty bombs,’ a serious attack by the USA and/or conflict with Israel may neutralize Iran and much of its influence–but Iran might hit hard first (Isaiah 22:1-14).

The top leadership of Iran has a Shi’ite Muslim agenda, which they have concluded includes causing chaos and war. I, for one, do not believe that Iran’s leaders have given up on their goals of Islamic domination.  We will see what kind of the ‘deal’ the USA will end up accepting here.

Irrespective of any agreement it may accept, Iran may end up doing something that its leadership will regret later (cf. Jeremiah 49:34-39).

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