John McCain indicates EU leaders using appeasement

John McCain


American leaders, like John McCain are accusing European leaders of attempting appeasement in their dealings with Russia over Ukraine:

February 8, 2015

A rift between Europe and the US over the Ukraine crisis appears to be growing after senior American figures reportedly compared the peace initiative by Angela Merkel and François Hollande to appeasement of Hitler in the run-up to the Second World War.

February 8, 2015

Ukraine crisis: US officials compare peace efforts to appeasing Hitler

“History shows us that dictators will always take more if you let them,” says John McCain, comparing Angela Merkel and François Hollande’s talks with Vladimir Putin to Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler

The USA has indicated that it might get further involved militarily with Ukraine, and the Europeans are not supporting that:

February 8, 2015

(Bloomberg) — Germany’s rejection of supplying weapons to Ukrainian forces fighting pro-Russian rebels may heighten the domestic pressure on a reluctant U.S. President Barack Obama to deliver the arms.

Increasing numbers of senior military and State Department officials are joining Republican lawmakers in a push to arm Ukraine — an option the commander-in-chief personally opposes, according to three people familiar with the dynamics in the Obama administration. They asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who pleaded against shipping lethal military support in a Saturday speech at the Munich Security Conference, will brief Obama in Washington on Monday on the issue and the German-French push for a peace deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Secretary of State John Kerry said he’s confident Obama will make his decision “soon” after the meeting.

What Americans do not seem to fully grasp is that the Europeans want to work with Russia:

February 8, 2015

At a security conference in Munich Sunday, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said negotiators on the French-German plan are “far from finding a political solution” to Ukraine’s conflict after a few days of “intense” debate.

“For us Europeans, this conflict still means permanent security can only be together with and not against Russia, however this cannot be a unilateral recognition. It has to be clear to Moscow as well that there is only a good future for Russia with Europe, together with Europe, and not against Europe,” Steinmeier said.

“It’s also Moscow’s task to define joint and common interests. We’ve seen too little here so far and you have also heard and listened to my colleague Lavrov and of course this was not also conducive to our discussion,” he added.

However, Steinmeier said negotiators are “far from finding a political solution” to the crisis, after a weekend of “intense” debate.

He added that supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons would be “highly risky” and “counterproductive.”

As I have written before, both Europe and Russia want to break the USA’s hegemony in the world and believe that they need to work together to do this.

While many in the USA see Russia and/or China as the real threats for World War III (WWIII), hence the concerns about appeasement, the biblical reality is that Europe is the one who will successfully wage WWIII against the USA and its Anglo-Saxon descended allies.

As far as appeasement goes, the USA has engaged in a lot of that with Europe itself.  (The USA has also engaged in a lot of appeasement concerning Iran.)

The USA and UK originally opposed Europe’s plans for its own global positioning satellite system called Galileo as they felt that this could be used against them.  Later, the USA decided to embrace Galileo and even rely on it for part of its own military defense–a dangerous move.

Because of the Snowden leaks, USA President Barack Obama said that the USA would share its espionage techniques and more information with Germany in a form of appeasement.  Then after the USA was caught having a double agent in Germany last year, it named a German officer to be in charge of the US Army in Europe.  Here is some of what I wrote about that last Summer (see German general now commands the US Army in Europe):

August 4, 2015

This is a dangerous move. This form of appeasement from the USA for its espionage will not work as the USA probably hopes it will. The UK’s Neville Chamberlain attempted to appease Adolf Hitler, but World War II still began. The Obama Administration can attempt to appease Germany now, but World War III will still happen.

We in the Church of God have long taught that Germany would rise again. In the Continuing Church of God, we have specifically taught that because of the USA espionage issues (like Snowden) that the USA would try to appease Germany. …

Now, there is also a German general in charge of the USA Army. Not that I expect that Europe will attack the USA prior to possibly 2018, the reality is that if there is a German general in order to stop the Europeans from turning their technologies against the USA.The power in Europe is starting to rise up. And yes, ultimately, what is likely to come from Europe’s Large Hadron Collider and/or Germany’s FAIR collider, will be used to as part of an attack on American (USA and possibly Canadian) forces. Additionally, I believe that Europe’s Galileo or similar technology (Galileo is an upcoming competitor to GPS that the USA has said it will partially rely on for its own military needs; see also Europe’s Galileo ‘GPS’ Hits Another Milestone and USA GPS and EU Galileo linking was expected) will help the Europeans when that happens as well as to help prevent counter-strikes by the USA.

The USA is more and more putting itself in harm’s way with Europe and Germany. If a German or European general is in charge of US armed forces in Europe when Europe attacks and beats the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39), the USA will lose faster than any thought.

It has long been my view, based upon biblical prophecy, that the Europeans will be surprised how relatively easy it will be to take over the USA when it is time.

The USA is being naive about this. But as its political and military leaders do not really believe and understand biblical prophecy, they think their ways to peace will work. The Bible teaches otherwise (cf. Isaiah 59:8).

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