North Korea’s moves concerning G8 and others

Flag of Korea, 1889


The US Secretaries of Defense and State are making statements consisting with preparations for war with North Korea:

April 11, 2013

G8 foreign ministers are expected to focus on the crisis in Syria and developments in North Korea as they gather for talks Thursday in London…

U.S. Secretary of State John…Kerry also met Wednesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who said Russia has “no differences” with the United States on the issue of North Korea.
The foreign ministers are expected to discuss Thursday how to respond to North Korea, which has been threatening to attack the United States and South Korea and on Tuesday warned foreigners to evacuate the South to avoid being caught in a war.

The nations of the G8 are France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

John Kerry himself is heading over to the Korean region and should be in South Korea tomorrow.  North Korea is trying to encourage its people, while simultaneously provoking the USA, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and others.

(CNN) — North Korea has raised at least one missile into its upright firing position Wednesday, raising concerns that a launch was imminent, a U.S. official told CNN Thursday.

This comes as the world continued to keep watch for a possible missile launch by the secretive regime, and just a day before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was due to arrive in the region.

It’s not known by the United States why the regime did not proceed with the firing.

The official also also cautioned that the raising of the missile could have been just a trial run to ensure the equipment worked or an effort to “mess” with the United States and the allies which are watching for a launch at any time.

(Reuters) – South Korea and the United States were on high alert for a North Korean missile launch on Thursday as the reclusive and poverty-stricken state turned its attention to celebrating the ruling Kim dynasty and appeared to tone down rhetoric of impending war…

Taiwan appeared to become the first country to warn its citizens against travelling to South Korea after Pyongyang said that foreigners should leave, but hotels were reporting brisk business…

For over a month, Pyongyang has issued an almost daily series of threats to the United States and South Korea, most recently warning foreigners to leave the South due to an impending “thermonuclear” war.

Apart from the swipe at South Korea’s new president, verbal threats appeared to fall off as KCNA listed arrivals for the upcoming birthday celebrations, naming an eclectic mix ranging from Chinese businessmen to Cold War-era enthusiasts of its socialist monarchy and official ideology of “juche”, or self-reliance…

The North’s rhetoric has pushed the United States, the guarantor of South Korea’s security, to move more military assets into the region in response to the rising threat levels…

Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Seoul on Friday as part of a trip that will also take him to Beijing.

China is North Korea’s main ally and it may decide to try to reign North Korea in some, especially since Russia is opposed to some of what North Korea is doing.  China also has concerns about its own international image.

North Korean politicians have often been playing a dangerous game with their country and their people, and hopefully they will realize that a military conflict is not in their interests.

While North Korea is not prophesied to take over the USA (Europe is per Daniel 11:39, etc.), as I wrote in the past, it certainly is possible that it may decided to actually launch one or more missiles at the USA in the future (or take other “terroristic actions; cf. Leviticus 26:26).

If North Korea does take certain steps to sufficiently aggravate , it needs to realize that it likely will no longer exist as it is. At some point in time, I believe that both Koreas will be reunited based upon certain verses in Revelation, yet whether this will be because of a war involving the USA or something else, that is not clear.

As Jesus said, “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!” (Mark 13:37)

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