Pope Francis, lapsed Catholics, and the Lutherans


The new Pope Francis seems to have had some impact already on reaching what are termed “lapsed Catholics”:

Twenty million Americans consider themselves lapsed Catholics, but Pope Francis is convincing many to test the holy waters again with his bold gestures and common touch.

After years of disenchantment with the church’s hierarchy and teachings, former members of the flock say they are willing to give the Vatican a second chance under new leadership…

Embrace of poor  http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/10/17671252-it-was-a-sign-lapsed-catholics-lured-back-by-pope-francis

If Pope Francis does not only make statements about the poor, but also gives some of the Vatican’s vast wealth to the poor, that will increase his popularity, not only amongst the poor, but amongst others.  It may assist his ecumenical goals as well.

Notice also the following:

The head of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Dr Nikolaus Schneider, has said he is hopeful for future Christian unity after meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Dr Schneider had been scheduled to meet Pope Benedict XVI during an early April trip to Rome. Instead, he spent about 30 minutes with Pope Francis on Monday in the papal library in the Apostolic Palace.

“I hope a Pope who shows himself so close to the poor and the suffering also shows his understanding of couples who share everything except Communion,” he told reporters. In Germany where tens of thousands of Catholics are married to Protestants, broader permission to receive Communion in each others’ churches is something many people have been seeking for years…

Dr Schneider said he expects the emphasis on Christian unity being built on a common faith in Christ to continue under Pope Francis…http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2013/04/09/lutheran-pastor-meets-pope-francis-in-rome/

Cardinal Kurt Koch was also present.  He was selected for his position, at least partially, because of his knowledge of Protestantism, presumably to help persuade Protestants to ultimately embrace the Church of Rome–that will take compromise on both sides.  But it is compromise that both sides will ultimately do.

As far as the Lutherans go, they have repeatedly suggested a willingness to compromise, and ultimately most will embrace the Church of Rome at the end.

With Francis now the head of the Church of Rome, his increasing popularity may make this easier for not only ‘lapsed Catholics’ and Protestants to embrace his hoped for unity, but those of the Eastern Orthodox and others as well.

Change is occurring.

How much change?

I watched an interview today from NBC’s Today show, where Cardinal Edward Egan suggested that Pope Francis would bring “tremendous change” to the Roman Catholic Church.  If Francis is the last pope, he not only will do that, but to the entire world (cf. Revelation 13).

But even if he is not the last pope, if he increases the popularity of the Church of Rome, brings about more ecumenical cooperation, and dispenses with certain Catholic practices (which, to a degree, he already has, see ), then he may instead be setting the world up for the last pope.

The last pope will, at least initially, claim to be Roman Catholic. The last pope will use the Church of Rome for his own purposes and then betray it.

After it seemed like I had finished this post, someone tipped me off to a news item from Portugal today:

April 11, 2013

Pontificate of Pope Francis to be consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima

As an answer to the request of the Pope to the Patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal José Policarpo, asking that he consecrate the Pope’s Pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima, the Bishops of Portugal have just decided that this consecration be made next May 13.

The consecration will be included in the program of the International Pilgrimage of May 12/13 and will be made on the 13th at a time to be announced later.  http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2013/04/encouraging-sign-of-more-to-come.html

This is potentially very important IF Pope Francis is the last pope, but also has importance if he is not.  As I wrote in my book Fatima Shock!, various apparitions have suggested that “Mary” (not truly the mother of Jesus) will be powerful in the time of the end and basically turn the world to a changed version of Roman Catholicism that will support the Great Monarch (who is really the final King of the North) and basically takeover the world.

The Pope already dedicated his pontificate to a non-biblical ‘Mary’ and if he does what the Fatimists actually want–which is to consecrate Russia to the so-called “immaculate heart of Mary”–many will believe this will lead to world peace and massive conversions to Catholicism.  But that is not the way to world peace or to bring salvation to the world.  The rise of the so-called Great Monarch (the Beast of the sea in Revelation 13 and the final King of the North in Daniel 11) and ‘miracles’ to bring people to Rome is warned against in scripture.

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